Bill Hall

25th April 2007, 21:54
Todays Wellington paper carries a very extensive obituary on Bill Hall USSCo Chief Engineer.Mentions his time on Narbada{a blast from the past}& his time as POW in Japan.He of course was well known on the inter island ferries. Kiwi

10th November 2007, 01:22
Hi Kiwi know its a bit late but have just bought a book called "Hell or High Water"edited by Neil Atkinson. Stories about NZ seafarers during the war and Bill Halls story is one of them, makes good readig and also makes you appreciate want they went through.

Peter Kiddell.

26th March 2008, 10:05
Attached photo of the Hauraki POWs. Bill Hall is standing, far left.
The photo is a mix of people who were sent to Japan (deck crew and engineers I believe), some from the Hauraki, some Dutch, and others.
I've yet to find photos of those who were left behind in Singapore.

Brian B
31st March 2008, 04:15
Sailed for a long time as engineer with Bill Hall - one of natures absolute gentleman