Some Australian Dredgers

Richard Maskiell
27th April 2007, 13:36
I am trying to determine what happened to the following dredgers that were working in Australian waters in the 1970’s/1980’s:

(Name, Built, Gross Tons, Last info I have)

AD Australia, 1976, 926 grt, loaded onto a heavy lift ship at Fremantle 10.1991 for transport to Hong Kong
AD Victoria, 1969, 635 grt, offered for sale in Adelaide 1991
AM Vella, 1972, 4122 grt, sunk in collision at Hong Kong 12.3.2002—possibly raised?
AS Mayne, 1977, ?? grt, offered for sale 1994


2nd May 2007, 06:38
the cutter suction dredge "A.D. Australia" (until 1982 "Sliedrecht 32", owned by Volker Stevin Dredging) was sold to Samsung Construction, S.Korea, in 1994 as "Australia". She is still in operation.

According my info, "A.S. Mayne" was stripped in the early ninetees and is in use as a pontoon now.

Frans Lijmbach

Tony Breach
4th May 2007, 07:53
I took a photograph of the steam dredger BRISBANE at Brisbane in August 1986. I would very much appreciate any information about this vessel.


6th May 2007, 12:50

the suction hopper dredger "Brisbane", IMO nr. 5366423:

Built 1952, NSW Govt. Shipyard, Newcastle NSW, yardnr. 42, as "Townsville" for Townsville Harbour.
Dim: 66,9 x 65,3 x 12,1 x 5,2 m
From 1983 the name "Brisbane", owner Govt. Australia.
Broken up in 1989

Frans Lijmbach

Jan Hendrik
30th August 2007, 01:45
Tony, Richard, Frans.

In this same site, scrolling through to page 3 you find a lot of information on the new "Brisbane" i.e. the one built in 1999 and you may find that interesting.
Also you find a bit on the "April Hamer" and I have also lots of photos of the "A D Australia" and other Australian dredgers, but need a bit more time to sort them, so can post these later.

Regarding "A M Vella", I have posted a lot of info and photos on her on the following site:

Best regards,