War Bharata

27th April 2007, 23:48
RFA. War Bharata 5600/1920 Built by Palmer. Sold 1948 Photo. by L.Drury.

Dave Edge
28th April 2007, 00:24
Standard WW1 'Z' class tanker completed by Palmers 1920, transferred to Admiralty 1921. 1947 renamed "Wolf Rock", May 1953 broken up at Troon.

non descript
28th April 2007, 09:27
Interesting to see War Bharata mentioned again, there was a previous thread here (https://www.shipsnostalgia.com/showthread.php?t=4638&page=2) on the subject.

War Bharata was built March 1920 for the British Tanker Co. by Palmers Shipbuilding & Iron Co., Hebburn on Tyne.