Put on the shake

Dennis Henshaw
2nd March 2005, 00:48
Hello everyone,

I received a call today from, Stuart Smith, my old sailing partner from 1960-64. He put me on the shake one more time to come on watch with you lot!

I had no idea of this site and having spent a little time in it I must say I'm delighted to come aboard.

Having not spoken with Stuart for nearly 40 years we will have a bit of catching up to do. I will be putting in here again soon though and perhaps will strike up more old aquaintances.

Regards Dennis

Doug Rogers
2nd March 2005, 01:54
Well I guess thats one of the reasons these sites exist, even if you cant meet an old shipmate you will certainly find a number of people who you can relate to and who are of like mind. And we wont go down the path of knowledge of the sea and ships, its obviously formidable. Welcome and enjoy the site.

2nd March 2005, 09:53
Welcome from Italy Dennis i hope to see your pic in the site!!!!

2nd March 2005, 10:10
And from me.Anything you need to know I/m sure will be answered from our very knowledeable band!

julian anstis
2nd March 2005, 10:16
Welcome aboard Dennis....nice to see you two buddy's back in touch again.

O.K. Paul ....I give up....dont tell me you found his number in the bottom of your wallet along with some ten bob notes.....LoL

2nd March 2005, 10:28
Welcome aboard Dennis. You're in good company - almost everyone seems to have been with Brocklebanks (except me!)

Doug Rogers
2nd March 2005, 22:38
Hang in there John, nothing wrong with being a ship enthusiast without being at sea and they do build a few ships in other places around the world..besides you may have had a lineage at sea like mine to bear the brunt of peoples witt!!!

John Rogers
3rd March 2005, 00:18
[B]Whats a Brock??????????????Some sort of dark beer.!!

3rd March 2005, 00:48
old salt a brock is a badger I think. Terry

Stuart Smith
3rd March 2005, 21:20
Isn't that just great what this site can do/inspire. As you knowledgable gentlemen will know I have been looking to make contact with Dennis again and have asked if anyone has seen or heard of him and have posted several photo's of him ealier. Look in my gallery Tanker and you will find some pictures of Dennis. He's not as good looking as me but then again he is older!.
I found him with some ferreting and some dammed good luck but now I have we will stay in touch and by God will meet again.
Mind you he did his best to hide. A Stockport lad has been secreted away in Scotland for 40 years, what a cheek. Its a wonder that Ron hasn't come across him when Ron's been on the cadge in the pubs for someone to buy him a dram. Mind you as I said Dennis is from Manchester area so probably wouldn't have bought anyone a beer let alone a dram.
I'm only joking as I am absolutely delighted to have made contact again. I must also thank Julian for his help and enthusiasm.
I am sure Dennis will also get much pleasure from this site as we all do.
Welcome aboard Dennis