RMS Mauretania

Doug Rogers
2nd March 2005, 03:38
A very old photo of the Acquitania taken in the Solent by my Dad's old bellows Kodak Camera

2nd March 2005, 07:08
A far better ship than MAURETANIA actually!! It/s AQUITANIA.

Doug Rogers
2nd March 2005, 07:34
Well I've got Mauretania written on the back of the photo here but my Dad may have fooled himself..you have now started a hunt to look at the respective vessels, not that I doubt u are right, just I am going to enjoy looking at the respective vessels and weighing them up....thanks Mate!!

Doug Rogers
3rd March 2005, 00:45
Fairfield you are correct, minimal research and its obvious..have accordingly renamed the offending item. Many thanks for so astutely picking that up.....Doug

3rd March 2005, 08:47
No bother,but don/t ask me to differentiate between MAURETANIA and LUSITANIA.................

Doug Rogers
3rd March 2005, 10:30
Yeh that might be harder, will have a look and see what I have and will post any results.

Doug Rogers
4th March 2005, 04:24
Well have eyeballed a fair bit of stuff and the only real difference that I can see is that the aft mast of Lusitania is rigged differently to that of Mauritania which also has a flag pole attached to her aft mast. There may be slight differences with ventilators and funnels but its hard to tell. Even Gross Tonnage is within about 120 tonnes of one another!!.
I wont bother even trying to copy some of what I have because its not great in the first place. Hope that is of interest, would be great to be able to access some of the deck plans to compare, probably a number of differences but can only work with whats available....Cheers..Doug

Doug Rogers
4th March 2005, 07:44
Nope Fairfield is right it is the Acquitania, no doubt about it..I will have sharp words with my Father when I pass to the other side, of course with my track record I may go to the hot place instead!!

4th March 2005, 13:23
Mauretania vs Lusitania ~ there are many 'visual' differences between the two thus telling one from the other is not all that difficult (although 'sisters' they were not 'identical twins', per se .....). Question ~ can anyone shed shed information, re: Mauretania as a cruise ship? Many people believe when she was painted 'cruising white' her boot-topping was green, However (based on the painting of her that once hung aboard the Queen Mary of her headed to the breakers, in cruising livery) I can't help but believe that the 'green' is 'wishful thinking' and boot topping / underwater hull remained the traditional ' 'red oxide' when the hull colour switched from black to white ~ any thoughts / colour postcards out there? Thanks ~ Arjay

4th March 2005, 13:30
I have a copy of a postcard of that painting in colour and I/m sure the boot-topping is the usual Cunard red with white line.I/ll look it out and post it unless someone else has one handier in the meantime.

julian anstis
4th March 2005, 19:08
Have just posted a stern view of her in Ocean Liners if you need one for comparison

4th March 2005, 21:09
Saw that ~ thanks, yet what you posted is the 2nd (1938-39) Mauretania (2 stacker). The question I had, re" green boot topping, etc., relates to her earlier namesake of 1907 ~ Arjay

4th March 2005, 21:14
I found this without too much difficulty in my loft shambles.Postcard print from the painting which was on board QUEEN MARY showing MAURETANIA in cruising white off the Forth Bridge on her way to the breakers.
Her boot-topping is depicted as red which I would think is correct.
However,you can never account for artistic license.

Doug Rogers
4th March 2005, 23:47
Well there we go, wasnt that a fun exercise, whatever we wont see their like again....and so a question..in my youth..a long time ago now....I heard a song by the name of "A'firing the Mauretania" (the older coal variant I think) detailling the rigours of keeping her boilers fired up...anyone any idea who might have recorded such a thing??

5th March 2005, 00:51
Re Fairfield,
That photo you posted of the 1907 Mauretania, looks like she was West of the Forth Bridge, and so must have come under it. As the span of the bridge in the background, looks to be the centre span, with Inchgarvie behind it. If this view was from the east, Inchgarvie would be in front of the bridge. The navigation mark in the front left of the picture looks to be the Old Beamer light, as its too small for Oxcars.
Was she perchance broke up at Rosyth?
My grandfather well remembers a large liner coming up the Forth for breaking in the 30s, so big she had to have her masts cut down to get under the bridge, would it be her?

29th March 2005, 17:29
Mauretania, Regards Tony.

29th March 2005, 17:56
Firing the Mauretania recordings by:

Alan Francis - Last Year's Love, There's a clip on website

Hughie Jones - Seascape Best Buy

David Jones - A Beautiful Life

Jan Hendrik
20th September 2005, 11:21
This vessel actually also held the Blue Riband for some time.
On her maiden voyage starting 16th Nov 1907 to and from New York, she broke the earlier record set by the "Lusitania".
Some 1000 tons of coal had to be used every day and in 1909 she clocked average speeds of 26 plus knots.
The ships from Cunard at the time all had their own charm, like Aquitania being the most impressive, but Mauretania certainly had been the fastest.
In 1930 she was removed from service and served as a cruise ship for a while, laid up in Southampton in 1934 until she was scrapped the following year in Rosyth, Scotland.

And for all the engineers: This was one of the first luxury liners fitted with turbines instead of steam engines, although she switched to oilburning in 1921,

copyright: Hempel A/S Copenhagen 03/90
artist: John Gardner (Scottish)

Doug Rogers
20th September 2005, 12:37
Nice one Jan, ah when ships were ships and not floating hotels!!...sorry Fred!!.