The Marchioness

30th April 2007, 10:30
The Marchioness (ex J Hay & Sons Ltd.) was purchased in the mid 1960s by the Tay Sand Co. Ltd., converted into a sand dredger (using some equipment from the Glen Helen) and renamed Middlebank.

I am having difficulty in tracing her origins suspect she was new to F & T Everard in the 1930s and transferred to Hay after 1956 when they came under Everard Ownership.

Can anyone help as the usual search areas have brought nothing.

30th April 2007, 12:36
ex Marchioness-66, ex Camroux II-60
Owner: Tay Sand Co Ltd
Manager: D. Davidson

324gt.334dwt built 1932 (May) by J Pollock, Sons & Co Ltd, Faversham (yard no 1466)
loa: 136' 6"; b: 25' 1"; dr: 9' 9.5"
Propulsion: Deutz 6-cyl 4st 280x450mm (engine new in 1937) 300bhp
Spd: 9k

Details from Lloyd's Register 1972-3

To breakers at Inverkeithing 1974

30th April 2007, 15:42
Do we know what she was called when new? One of the ....ty?

30th April 2007, 20:12
Hello Allantcontie. The Marchioness was never a ty?. She was built as the 'Camroux II' for Newcastle Coal and Shipping Co. I sailed on the 'Camroux I', the master was Dick Sibun. I remember that the hatch tarpaulins were only about 2/3. of length of the hatch which made it necessary to overlap the tarps alternately, 6 tarpaulins in all. Cheers Bruce

30th April 2007, 22:37
Thanks for that - I always noticed that she had a more even engine beat than the Antiquity at Perth, her engines being 4 stroke I presume.
She and the Rayjohn finished the sand trade at Dundee, the Rayjohn moved to Perth for her final years. Now its all gone and they talk about increased risk of flooding in Perth - no wonder - in the 1950s there were over a dozen sandboats working on the Tay at Perth and Dundee. The Middlebank is far more obvious these days.

gil mayes
1st May 2007, 21:37
Correct. The MIDDLEBANK had a 3-cyl 4 stroke by W. H. Allen, Sons &Co Ltd, Bedford and the ANTIQUITY initially had a 4-cyl 2 stroke by the Newbury Diesel Co Ltd, Newbury but was re-engined in 1942 with a 6-cyl 2 stroke 'G' type by the Newbury Diesel Co Ltd.

gil mayes
1st May 2007, 21:41
Missed a bit. MIDDLEBANK as CAMROUX 11 was re-engined in 1937 with a 6-cyl 4 stroke by Humboldt-Deutz Moteren A.G, Koln-Deutz and again in 1946 with a another similar engine.


1st May 2007, 22:27
Do I suspect that the engine in the Antiquity was not powerful enough so was replaced by a 6 cylinder unit?

gil mayes
2nd May 2007, 08:48
It could have been the case but these vessels appear to have changed engines quite a lot. The CAMROUX I sister to MIDDLEBANK had no less than four engine in ten years. Original Allen, 1937, Deutz, 1941, Widdop, 1945, British Polar.