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Neil Mant
20th June 2015, 16:02
BBC2 17.30 tonight The Story of Cunard

20th June 2015, 17:15
BBC2 17.30 tonight The Story of Cunard

Thanks for the heads-up Neil. 18.15 here in France so starts in 15 minutes.

20th June 2015, 19:07
Tennis got in the way,Better luck next time

Barrie Youde
20th June 2015, 21:20
There has to be a moment in the history of Cunard when, in the late 1960s, it was suggested that Sir Francis Chichester should be appointed as Chairman of the Board, on the basis that, at that time, he was the only person alive who could sail around the world without either cargo or passengers and nevertheless make a profit.

Old Cunarder
23rd June 2015, 09:12
Excellent joke about Sir Francis Chichester, I haven't heard that before. I survived two (or was it three) rounds of redundancies in the late 60's.
I found the programme about the story of Cunard a little superficial, but then I suppose it had to be, given it was only half an hour. The presenter referring to ships as boats grated a little, but then it always does!!
It captured the sheer opulence of the Cunard building.
Along with about twenty others, we (retired Cunard pursers) went to a reception kindly given by the Lord Mayor on the third floor of the Cunard building at the time of the visit of the three Queens, in May. Whilst the building is not fully occupied, it is still worth a visit to admire the decoration and lavishness of the building. Something I do not remember, when I went there for my interview and typing test in 1963.

Neil Mant
23rd June 2015, 12:11
its on bbc Iplayer