Esso Chelsea

8th May 2007, 15:02
Has anyone experience of serving on, or recollections of Esso Chelsea during 1957. Skipper was called McMaster, a very likeable fellow from Belfast but I cannot recall the Ch. officers name . An absolute character who used to wear a maroon corduroy smoking jacket "de rigeur" and play records of dance music on a battery driven LP player.
I was 3rd mate from June '57 for 5 months.
Peter Graham

4th November 2008, 12:47
hi, as a matter of intrest i was on the esso chalsea in 1957 for a very short wile i know i was on her in august, i was known as tony hodder, one of i beleave two stewards, i can remember the captain, but not the later, so our paths must have crossed. best of luck shipmate.
kind regards frederick hodder
living at bridport at the tim
now in yeovil somerset