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10th May 2007, 04:45
I am looking for information on the various ships that my grandfather sailed on, especially getting pictures/photos would be helpful

Lika: Three masted sailing ship, Built as Dumbarton Rock by Russel & Co., Port Glasgow, in 1890 for Yule & Co, Owner: C. A. Olsen, Tvedesrand, Norway. Grandfather sailed on it early 1914, left the vessel in Caleta Buena, Chile

Branchetto: Sailed from Iquique, Chile to Genoa, Italy, left the ship in Genoa 8th June 1914

West Point: Cargo ship, built 1912, Irvine's Shipbuilding & Dry Docks Co., Ltd., Middleton Yd., Hartlepool. Owner: Norfolk & N American Steam Shipping Co Ltd or Furness Withy. Grandfather served on board 05/08/1914 - 05/10/1914 sailed from London - USA (Newport-Norfolk) - London

Waimate: Built 1896, Passenger/cargo ship. Owner: New Zealand Sg Co Ltd, Plymouth. Grandfather served on Board as quartermaster: London to Sydney - 1915

Aube: Built 1896 by Wood Skinner. Owner: Compagnie Générale Transatlantique. Ship ran a ground ¼ mile west of Mouth Mill, east of Hartland Point, at 1am on13th July 1917. Locals stole the cargo of coal out of the ship, the hole in the ship was repaired at low tide, and the ship was refloated on 17th July 917 and taken to Barry Docks, Swansea on 24th July 1917 for full repair and placed back into service. Grandfather served on board .../.../... - 17/08/1917

Balboa: cargo ship built 1894, Wood Skinner. Owner: Cia Maritima, Barcelona. Grandfather served on board 10/09/1917 - 11/04/1918

Cape Breton: Built 1904 by Russell in Port Glasgow. Owner: Cape Breton S.S. Co Ltd (Lyle), Greenock. Grandfather served on board 15/4/1918 - 21/6/1918

Helmsdale: Cargo ship. Built 1907 by A Rodger & Company, Port Glasgow. Owner: Strath S.S.Co Ltd (Downing & Sutherland), Cardiff. Grandfather served on board: 1/7/1918 - 15/2/1919, 7 months 14 days @ £11 10s month, total pay £105 6s 10p

Domira: Cargo ship built 1905 by Gray in West Hartlepool UK. Owner: SS Domira Co Ltd (Maclay & McIntyre), Glasgow. Grandfather served on board 03/03/1919 - 03/04/1919; 10/04/1919 - 30/06/1919; 10/07/1919 - 21/08/1919; 06/09/1919 - 11/10/1919. Paid off in Preston after 1 month 6 days £18 10s

Everilda: Cargo ship built 1897 by Gray in West Hartlepool UK. Owner: Fisher Renwick, Newcastle. Grandfather served on board…14/10/1919 - 6/11/1919; 7/11/19 - 22/12/1919

Siris: Built 1919 by Harland & Wolff. Royal Mail Lines. Grandfather served on board: 24/1/1920 - 4/5/1920 as ships carpenter, 3 months 11 days @ £11 10s month, total wages: £55 16s 10p

Kigoma: Passanger/Cargo ship built 1914 by REIHERSTIEG SHIPYARD OF HAMBURG. Shaw, Savill & Albion Line. Grandfather served on board 19/5/1920 - 26/7/1920, left the ship in Sydney Australia

Any and all information on any of these ships would be most appreciated


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Thanks, I have been frustrated with a lack of information in my grandfathers records, and not being able to find much via the net, so hopefully various ship buffs will provide some further information


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Here is a start for you





West Point (2) 1912 1916 captured and sunk by U-Boat.

Owners:- Furness Line / Norfolk and North American Steam Shipping Company

built by Russell & Co Port Glasgow,
Yard No 523
Engines by D. Rowan & Co.
Last Name: LABOR (1937)
Previous Names: ROALD AMUNDSEN (19220
Propulsion: T.3cyl
Built: 1904
Ship Type: Cargo Vessel
Tonnage: 3872 grt
Length: 360 feet
Breadth: 49 feet
Owner History:
Cape Breton Steamship Company
1920 Lyle Shipping
1922 T.Dannevig, Norway
1937 F.Storen, Norway
Status: Scrapped -

Remarks: Broken up in Germany in 1939

built by A Rodger & Company Port Glasgow,
Yard No 403
Engines by By Builder
Previous Names: CAROL (1931) CAROL DORIAN (1932) LAKE HALLWIL (1938) SIGNE (1941)
Propulsion: Triple expansion, 3 cyl. 305 hp
Launched: Wednesday, 11 September 1907
Built: 1907
Ship Type: Steamship
Tonnage: 3,169 grt. 1,997 nrt.
Length: 331 feet
Breadth: 49 feet
Draught: 22 feet
Owner History:
Strath Steamship Company
Status: Arrived for Scrapping - 12/08/1945


1941 Taken over by MOWT (Harper Matthew & Co. Ltd., managers) and renamed SIGNE and later INGMAN. 9/6/1944 Scuttled as a blockship off Normandy. 12/8/1945 Arrived at Newport after being raised and scrapped.

Everilda can be found on

Siris can be found on


8156 gross tons, length 449.3ft x beam 55.4ft, one funnel, two masts, twin screw, speed 13 knots, accommodation for 120-1st, 110-2nd and 80-3rd class passengers. Launched 30th Jan.1914 by Reihersteig Schiffswerfte & Maschinefabrik, Hamburg as the KIGOMA for the Deutsche Ost-Afrika Lininien, she started her maiden voyage on Apr. 28th from Hamburg via East African ports to Cape Town and home via German West Africa. 1915 taken over by the German Navy and used as a troopship in the Baltic for the Russian campaign. Later fitted as a landing ship for the projected invasion of England. 1918 seized by Britain, managed by Shaw, Savill & Albion and used to repatriate German prisoners and then to return New Zealand soldiers home. 1920 used on the India route by the Ministry of Shipping. 1921 acquired by the Anchor Line, Glasgow, renamed ALGERIA and employed on the New York service for 16 round voyages. 1922 sold to Hamburg America Line (German flag), renamed TOLEDO and refitted to carry 122-1st and 178-2nd class passengers and sailed Hamburg - Havana - Mexico. 1927 transferred back to Deutsche Ost-Afrika Linien and on 27th Jan, started her first Hamburg - East Africa - Capetown voyage. 1932 laid up at Hamburg. 1934 scrapped at Blyth. [Die Schiffe der deutschen Afrika Linien by A. Kludas contains photo of the ship]

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Re Lika, Thanks for this photo, looks slightly different to a photo that I have, so it raises more questions. I posted a photo of the Lika that I have, in the gallery under sailing ships

Branchetto: This appears to be the only picture in existance? Grandfather served on board …/…/… - 08/06/1914. Sailed from Iquique, Chile to Genoa, Italy. We believe that it was carrying Nitrates. Would like a lot more information. Any ideas about the flag on the stern? The symbol in the centre is too large to be the Italian merchant flag. Any other suggestions?

West Point: Have not been able to locate any pictures

Cape Bretton, Helmsdale, Domira & Everilda, can't find pictures!

Re Everilda, a different ship
ID No: 1106736 Name: EVERILDA Year: 1897 NMM (3)
Builder: Gray; shipbuilding company of William Gray was established in West Hartlepool in 1862 and Gray became one of the most influential men in the town. He was the first mayor of West Hartlepool in 1887. William Gray shipbuilders won the Blue Ribbon prize for maximum output in 1878, 1882, 1888, 1895, 1898 and 1900. The yard closed in 1961
Country of build: UK
Link: 1413
Ship Design: Steel steam ship
Location of yard: W Hartlepool
Yard No: 532
Launch Date: 03/03/1897
Date of completion: …/04/1897
Type: Cargo ship
Tons: 3076
Naval or paramilitary marking : DWT:
Length overall: LPP: 99.1 (325’) Beam: 14.3 (47’) Number of screws/Mchy/Speed(kn): 1T- Material of build:
Owner as Completed: W.H.Cockerline & Co, Hull
Ships name on completion: Britannic
Flag: UK
Subsequent History: Sold 1898 to H. W. Dillon, London, as Aldersgate: sold 1906 to Maclay and McIntyre, Glasgow, renamed Everilda: sold 1918 to Fisher Renwick, Newcastle: sold 1928 to A. Wihuri, Helsinki, renamed Wilma: sold 1941 to G. Erikson, Mariehamn, renamed Avenir: 1950 sold to A. Johansson, Mariehamn renamed SIGNY
Disposal Data: BU Hamburg 07/10/55
Grandfather served on board…14/10/1919 - 6/11/1919; 7/11/19 - 22/12/1919
Can't find a photo/picture!!!!

Siris: Thanks for the extra info!

Another Boat I need ifo on is:
ID No: 1109419 Name: BALBOA Year: 1894
Builder: Wood Skinner
Country of build: UK
Link: 1501
Ship Design:
Location of yard: Bill Quay
Yard No: 51
Launch Date: 30/08/1894
Date of completion: …/11/1894
Type: Cargo ship
Tons: 1336
Naval or paramilitary marking : DWT:
Length overall: LPP: 72.8 Beam: 10.1 Number of screws/Mchy/Speed(kn): 1T-9.5 Material of build:
Owner as Completed: Cia Maritima, Barcelona
Flag: SP
Subsequent History: 20 JOLLY GEORGE - 23 SEBAT
Disposal Data: BU Spezia 27/07/1951
Grandfather served on board…10/09/1917 - 11/04/1918

Thanks for your assistance & info

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5th December 2013, 13:45
My grandfather also signed on to the ship ex German ship named KIGOMA (off. no.143199) on the 18/5/1920 which means he must have also known etsah57's grandfather!

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