Patrick MacNee

25th June 2015, 23:23
R.I.P Patrick MacNee. (Avengers) amongst others.

26th June 2015, 07:48
In 1942 he went into the Royal Navy and commanded a motor torpedo boat....

I remember the very first episode of the Avengers...Where did the years go?

Keltic Star
26th June 2015, 08:00
Always a gentleman and a brilliant entertainer.
RIP Sir.

26th June 2015, 08:43
I remember Patrick in the Avengers which was shown on Granada TV at 10pm
on Saturday nights in the sixties.
A great series supported by his assistant Honor Blackman.
The perfect gentleman.

Rest in Peace Patrick.

Pat Kennedy
26th June 2015, 09:52
The word dapper must have been invented for this man. He was the epitome of cool in The Avengers.

26th June 2015, 09:54
A good actor and entertainer. RIP.

26th June 2015, 11:01
Yes a good journey man actetr who brought us much pleasure with The Avengets et al. Hope he enjoys his next life.

Ted Else
26th June 2015, 17:08
During the Second World War he served as Sub-Lieutenant and Navigation Officer on MTB 415, before being promoted First Lieutenant of MTB 434. His command was sunk by gunfire from a German surface craft off Normandy on 9 July 1944, although he was not onboard at the time, having been hospitalised earlier with bronchitis.
From the Veterans website (

26th June 2015, 17:41
All that time with the lovely Diane Rigg.

27th June 2015, 05:46
Ah yes - he had everything - her of the short skirts and the hooker well as an (almost as beautiful) vintage Bentley.(Jester)