Captain WA Murison

1st July 2015, 17:42
Anyone know what became of WA (Sandy) Murison, Master with Shaw Savill? I sailed with him on Northern Star in 73/4. He welcomed HRH the Queen Mother on board in May 74;I was also there. I remember taking over the 4 - 8 watch one morning in the South Pacific from the 2/0. Before going off, the 2/0 decided to take the stabilisers in. Almost immediately she took a dramatic roll. This was quickly followed by Sandy Murison appearing on the bridge in a fury because his collection of sea shells had been dumped over his cabin floor! I remember him as a very tall decent sort of bloke who must be in his eighties now. He is mentioned in June 1977 as Master of Megantic when she was temporarily disabled for 3 days in the Pacific by an ER fire. No injuries.

10th July 2015, 21:56
I know well the name, but never sailed with him.

As a postscript ... I could tell you a far more harrowing tale about the time I retracted the stabilisers on SX from the Bridge in (as I was advised) a situation of utmost urgency about 35 minutes before the start of lunch. Oh, those were the days :)

stevie burgess
11th July 2015, 00:09
Well i'm guessing it's the same Captain that i sailed with firstly with Container Fleets Ltd on "S.S Flinders Bay" '77-'78 followed by "Resolution Bay" '80 and again on same ship '82-'83. Capt Sandy Murison was a real gentleman and when i sailed with him he was into oil paintings and painted me a lovely one of a sailing ship which he would only take a tenner for it. Gadgee...i am pretty sure he was ex Shaw Savill indeed.

Graham Pepper
11th July 2015, 20:45
You are, indeed, all talking of the same man - Shaw Savill then OCL. I last saw him five years ago and he was keeping well then. However, five years on he is now 82 and I've not been in direct touch recently although he is a member of the Shaw Savill Society. I did a number of cruises with him in "Northern Star" as Second and First Officer - he was a good man to sail with. He took the Star to Taiwan for breaking although I'm pleased to say I was not on that voyage.

24th July 2015, 12:18
I feel it is right for me to inquire after Capt. Mmurchiston 0ff the old Wiapawa a real gentle man.

Norman Best
27th July 2015, 11:53
I feel it is right for me to inquire after Capt. Mmurchiston 0ff the old Wiapawa a real gentle man.
Hi Allister,Sailed with Phil Murchison on Waipawa 17-4-67_13-8-67.met him first as mate on Iberic. Great guy to sail with, always at the parties on the coast.Last time I saw him was a couple of years ago at the reunion. Sadley he passed away shortly after that. PS His nickname was the hangman he always made sure he got you drunk befor him. All best Norman Best.

19th October 2015, 01:19
Capt. Murison was Master on MEGANTIC when we did a North Europe load for NZ in late 1976. He was relieved, I think in Le Havre, by Capt. Musson for the deep sea voyage. IIRC, he was very interested in birdwatching whilst on the German river passages to Hamburg and Bremen. This was the trip before the generator fire.

george e mitchell
5th June 2016, 21:05
I sailed with Capt Muirson on board the AFRIC 17.11.66 TILL 8.01.68
He was a gentleman to work with.I was 2nd eng at the time
george e mitchell

Ian Murison
19th November 2016, 18:11
Sad to report my brother Sandy Murison is in poor health and is currently in hospital in Bath. The link is with happier times, and I add a photo.
The occasion was a visit by HRH the Queen Mother to The Northern Star in May 74 Ian Murison

19th November 2016, 19:04

I am sorry to hear about Sandy Murison. I was Third Officer with him on Northern Star from December 1973 to May 1974. I was at the head of the gangway to welcome the Queen Mother when she came on board. I also particularly remember Sandy having a beer with me in my cabin when I was only a lowly 3/O! He probably will not remember but tell him I am thinking of him at this difficult time.
Here is a photo of the Star's log book from that day in May 1974 with all our signatures -

george e mitchell
19th November 2016, 21:04
Very sorry to hear about Sandy, I wrote a posting in June16 on this site just saying I knew Capt Muirison for two years whIle serving as 2nd eng on board the Shaw Savill AFRIC. the next day I received an e mail from the Chief Engineer at that time who now lives in Australia. On the 18th Nov 16 I was looking at a posting on Gallery, It was a very good photo of the AFRIC leaving AVONMOUTH on the 18th nov 66. exactly 50 years ago. When that photo was taken Capt Muirison was in command and it was my first trip as second engineer He was a gem of a man to work with, I am 76 and Sandy and the Chief are in their mid 80s, Time is marching on. GEORGE

Ian Murison
5th December 2016, 15:53
Sadly I have to tell you that my brother Sandy {Capt. W.A.} Murison has died after a long illness. He died 28/11/2016 in Bath.

6th December 2016, 13:35
Very sorry to hear this and my sincere condolences. I enjoyed my time on the Star with him.

Graham Pepper
8th December 2016, 17:22
Ian, very sorry to learn of Sandy's death - he was a good Master and a pleasure to sail with. Can you tell me where and when his funeral will take place as I am sure some of our members will wish to attend.
Graham Pepper
Shaw Savill Society

Ian Murison
10th December 2016, 10:41
The Funeral for my brother Capt. W A Murison will be held on Friday 16/12/16 at 12.15 at Haycombe Crematorium, Whiteway Road, Bath BA2 2RQ .There will be a wake following at the Old Manor House Hotel , Bristol Road, Keynsham

12th December 2016, 20:41
Ian ~ sorry to hear of Sandy' passing ~ please accept our deepest sympathy from all his friends and ship mates from Shaw Savill Society in Australia and New Zealand. I had the great pleasure of sailing with him on Arawa in 1970 - and recall many fun times when we visited Bluff mid winter ~ in almost blizzard conditions. He joined us on the 'crew tour bus' to Queenstown and can still hear his infectious laugh ~ he was a true gentleman but one of the boys too ~ off duty ! Sadly missed
Jamie Shedden, (Asst Purser)
Shaw Savill Society
New Zealand

stevie burgess
12th December 2016, 23:49
Ian...I am so sorry to hear of your brother Sandy's passing and my deepest condolences. Captain Murison was certainly a gentleman and a great Captain. I will treasure the oil painting that he did for me many years ago. He will be in my thoughts on Friday...RIP Captain.

13th December 2016, 19:48
I have very fond memories of Sandy.

I sailed with my husband Len Michaels on the Resolution Bay with him and Len sailed with him on the Ocean Monarch and the Medic.

Lynda and Simon Brissenden where also on that trip on the "Res" Lynda, Sandy and I spent many hours together either on the bridge or playing backgammon in close proximity to his fridge.

I shall go down to the harbour this weekend and raise a gin and tonic to a very lovely man.

Best regards
Susan Michaels

13th December 2016, 19:59
Dear Jamie,
Thank you for your notice I was saddened by the news of Captain Murison's passing, a real gentleman.

As penultimate manager of the ships shop I sailed under Captain Murison's command onboard the "Northern Star"on my last voyage.

Captain W A Murison and I shared a love of sea shells & seabirds, in particular the Wandering Albatross which followed our ship for many miles and days in the Southern oceans.
When I left the sea in 1973 Captain Murison came to the shop and presented me with a painting of that magnificent bird.
This painting hangs proudly in my study reminding me of Captain Sandy Murison a man who bridged the gap tween Captain and crew? enhancing those wonderful years at sea on board the "Northern Star and the Southern Cross " with the Shaw Savill Line.
" God bless him! & all who sailed with the Shaw Savill Line"
Captain W.A."Sandy" Murison.

Eddie Christie Shaw Savill 1963 - 1973

yogi t
14th December 2016, 07:09
Ian , my deepest sympathy on Sandy's crossing of the bar.

I was privileged to sail on the "Gothic" as a last trip apprentice with Sandy who was C/O at the time in 1965. As all three apprentices were at the end of their "time" we were treated in a very respected manner and given a fair bit of slack .
I recall that he left the ship on the NZ coast to go relieving Master on the "Amalric" for a few weeks.

John Taylor
Master Mariner

15th December 2016, 21:08
I can add to Eddie's comments and refer to my first cruise on the Northen Star. We were due to berth in Malaga and as First Officer Captain Murison told me " pilot is at 0630, we can be two minutes early, on time , or two minutes ate, or you're fired"
Fortunately , when we went through the Straits of Gibraltar it was misty, and so the outside lights were all switched off and the Reina Del Mar was going to Malaga and booked the pilot for 0630. The Pilot Station wouldn't answer my calls, so I phoned the Engine Room and asked if we could keep our speed up to get past the Reina Del Mar and slow down a little later. This we did, and we overtook the Reina Del Mar and picked the Pilot up at 0630 and berthed , leaving the Reina outside the port. Needless to say, I was not very popular with Reina Del Mar but popular with our passengers and wasn't sacked!!!
A true gentleman to sail under.
I'm sure there are lots of other stories around covering the time on Northern Star sailing with Sandy Murison.
Kind regards,
Alan Turner

16th December 2016, 21:23
Hi Jamie
We were so sorry to hear of the passing of Sandy Murison, we had seen Sandy a couple of times in recent years while visiting UK but only spoke of the phone this year in October.
I sail with Sandy on Gothic 64/66 and what great voyages they were.
We have lost a good friend and a true Gentleman.
Have attached copies of three of Sandy's paintings that he sent me some years back
Yes Jamie please include me in the remeberance letters for Sandy, I know Sandy and his brother were very close..
Cheers to all, Christmas Greetings from
Captain Jim Howie, Picton NZ

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18th December 2016, 01:01
Great stories about Sandy. Back around 1967/8 Sandy was in Wellington in summer and Lorna and I invited him home to Eastbourne for dinner. It was a hot summers evening with plenty of sunshine so we went down to the beach and it was the first time I had seen an Englishman live, roll up his trousers and put a hankerchief tied neatly in four corners, on his head, to go padddling. We were in shorts of course. But for the times we met Sandy he was always a very amiable person to socialise with and always good for great humour. And maybe a gin or two!! And like a few of my good friends over those years.

Ian Read

18th December 2016, 16:29
Jamie - can you get the links to work in post 22 please??

21st December 2016, 22:44
Hi Paul

Send me your email to [email protected] and will forward the images to your email ~ dont know why link will not open here .
I could try to load each one individually to see if that works!
Cheers Jamie