Sir Nicholas Winton

2nd July 2015, 00:32
..................... dies aged 106

If you were unaware of his activities then perhaps have a little Goggle moment or at least look see here.

"Fitting that a man that saved so many lived for so long"
RIP Sir Nicholas Winton

2nd July 2015, 01:16
I quite agree Willinicity. Such a Man should not be forgotten, but I fear no film will be made about him and his exploits.

2nd July 2015, 02:15
This man's life was highlighted on our morning TV.
One of life's hidden gems.


2nd July 2015, 07:34
His activities may never have been been brought into the public eye during his lifetime if it had not been for Esther Rantzen. I remember seeing the programme, certainly for the youngsters whose lives he saved it will be a sad passing.

Reef Knot
2nd July 2015, 08:20
What a fabulous story and legacy!

Barrie Youde
2nd July 2015, 10:32
Amen to all.

2nd July 2015, 10:42
An amazing man. Did the right thing and never tried to get glory for doing so. RIP

2nd July 2015, 10:57
R.I.P Sir Nicholas Winton.

2nd July 2015, 19:14
To do what he did for all those children in troubled times, and to remain silent about his achievements for years, shows what a truly modest man he was. A fantastic example to all those attention seekers who are famous for no reason at all.
May he rest in peace.


2nd July 2015, 19:52
Superb gentleman of the 'old' school. Saw what was happening and what had to be done. No if's or buts - just got on with the job. Gave 600 children a chance of life and didn't seek glorification himself. A fine person. R.I.P. N.W.

LouisB. (Scribe)

2nd July 2015, 19:59
A true hero, a man to be admired.

2nd July 2015, 23:29
One man who did good that will not be interred with his bones. RIP Sir Nicholas