The Calchas Fund

22nd May 2007, 12:32
I understand the relatively few people who came 'up the hawsepipe' in the China did so with the assistance of subject fund. Can any of my Blue funnel colleagues expand/confirm this. I received non financial assistance from the 'College of the Sea' which was there to give support in the mathematics. I recall a tutor by the name Mrs Fynnes-Clinton. Second Mates (FG) in Liverpool 63 (with the dreaded Capt Fletcher)

Ken Green
22nd May 2007, 16:40
I was interviewed by Blue Funnel for a midshipmans job in 1946 but failed! So I applied for a deck boy position and was accepted,sent to Aberdovey in November of that year followed by five year's on deck. I took a corresondence course from the Liverpool Tech.and one of my tutors showed my work to Blue Funnel,who offered me a "Calchas Scholarship" which was three months A.B.'s pay while studying at the Tech. followed by £50 handout for passing the second mates examination.
There is no doubt in my mind that Blue Flue were responsible for shaping the rest of my marine career which lasted until I retired in 1996, a total ot 50 years.
Cheers to you,
Ken Green

22nd May 2007, 19:01
Like Ken, I was in the 'China' however, whilst I heard about the 'Calchas Fund' I did not receive a penny. Even though I pleaded for assistance to Greenwood and Capt Ronnie Symons nothing was forthcoming. Probably one of the the reason why I left them on passing Second Mates. Also, the promotion prospects were abysmal.
But, saying that, the training received was second to none and I thank the 'China' for that. I was encouraged and assisted in the studying by the Ch.Off (Hughie Davies...also off deck)and the Bosun (Paddy Proctor) both of the 'Peleus' shaped my career for next almost 50 years .
Not yet retired Ken!