Hi from an old lecky

robin marsh
5th March 2005, 21:33
First went to sea on Duquesa an old fridge ship ran by Houlders, went onto Royston Grange were I spent several happy years running up and down South America and I should have been on her when she sunk. Lost a lot of good mates.

Went tramping on the Oswestry Grange. Then left Houlder Brothers for J & C Harrisons (of London), still tramping. Was on Harpalyce, Harpalycus, Harcourt and Harmattan.
Was on the Harmattan when she was hit by the Indian Navy in a missile attack on merchant shipping at anchore in Karachi. Had a year in hospital went back on the Harpalycus then up to Glasgow for nine months on a new build, Harfleet. Was on and off the Harfleet and her sister ship Harfleur for about seven years with a few home trade trips when I got bored on leave.

I came across this site whilst looking for infomation on the Harmattan and it seems great. I must dig out some of the ships photo's that I have stored somewhere

5th March 2005, 23:10
old lecky Hi can you recall the details of the Royston Grange sinking?ie cause;time, and place would appreciate it . Tell(Langton Grange 1953)

Doug Rogers
6th March 2005, 00:12
Hi Robin,
Welcome and I hope that you find the site stimulating.

6th March 2005, 00:58
Welcome aboard Robin. We will look forward to seeing some of your pics. It's a great site with a great bunch of people. Enjoy.

robin marsh
8th March 2005, 17:01
Royston Grange collided with tanker 'Tien Chee' in fog off Montevideo in 1972.
The complete ships complement, including passengers, wives, children and the four pilots on board died.
She was completly incinerated due to the cargo of butter that she was carrying.
It was, and I beilive still is, the largest loss of live on a single ship since the 2nd world war.

I have got some photo's which when I dig out will post

8th March 2005, 19:02
Welcome from Italy ,i hope to see your pics into the site.
Good Robin.
The whole suprstr.of ROYSTON GRANGE,which lay ut anchor just 2 miles south west of the war-time wreck of the pocket battleship Admiral Graf Spee, had been reduced to twisted metal above the waterline.
After being declared a constructive total loss, the hullk of the Royston Grange was sold to spanish shipbreakers and, following temporary seaworthiness repairs at Montevideo, she was towed to Barcelona for demolition .


9th March 2005, 00:34
thanks a lot Rob, would very much like to see them when you get around to it. tell