RFA buff paint code

12th July 2015, 10:40
We are starting on some painting of the former Admiralty water carrier, Freshspring http://www.ssfreshspring.co.uk/, does anyone know the correct paint code for the buff that would have been used?

13th July 2015, 04:11
You may have better luck if you ask the guys who contribute to the YC/PAS/RMAS section.

senior pilot
22nd July 2015, 23:58
have sent a message to a former pas/rmas stores officer to see if he can help

senior pilot
23rd July 2015, 10:21
here are the the paint codes for you from Alan W Robertson Hi Alexander. I have two codes for buff colour I would think you want the RGB numbers but will give the hex code as well. Light buff code Hex #e4d7aa. R228 G215 B170. Dark buff Hex code #ffffcc R255 G255 B204 . You may have to lighten or darken these colours but they are a starter. Best wishes

senior pilot
23rd July 2015, 17:37
Alan W Robertson Alexander the codes will be useful for the paint manufacturing firms. They can be used with all computers . I think B & Q type stores.

7th January 2017, 21:37
Regards the paint code we used International 665 top coat ans inter prime as buff u/c