Sir Peter O'Sullevan

30th July 2015, 01:53
................"the voice of British horse racing" passed away at 97.
Horse racing is one of the few sports I was never really interested in as it tended to ruin my Saturday afternoon Grandstand on TV. However O'Sullevan had such a controlled velvet voices that really allowed the man in the street to absorb the adventure of the National

RIP Peter

30th July 2015, 11:44
Nicely put, Willincity. Since arriving in Oz as an immigrant in 1966 I grew to appreciate that as far as 'flat racing' commentary was concerned the 'Ozzies' did it best of all (the late, great, Ken Howard, comes to mind). However, as a younger punter in the U.K., particularly in those cold winter days when Fred Winter and Tim Brookshaw gladdened the heart, there was none better than Sir Peter, whether on radio. T.V. or as a racing journalist...........oh jeez! is there anybody left ?