'Breaking Ships' by BBC Bangladesh correspondent Roland Buerk

Tony Breach
6th June 2007, 11:11
A friend lent me a book last week & I have just finished it. It is called 'Breaking Ships' by BBC Bangladesh correspondent Roland Buerk & tells the stories of many of those involved in the scrapping of the tanker ASIAN TIGER in 2004. The author knows nothing about ships which in no way detracts from the content of the book which tells of the personalities involved from the bare-footed plate carriers right up to the owners of the scrapping company; Versace suits to flip flops. The book is exceptionally well illustrated & I recommend it to anyone who has views in either direction regarding ship demolition in third world countries. It has made me think & I am about to read it again but more slowly this time.

BREAKING SHIPS (How supertankers & cargo ships are dismantled on the beaches of Bangladesh) by Roland Buerk, 2006.
Publishers: Chamberlain Bros., a member of Penguin Group (USA) Inc.
ISBN 1-59609-036-7
Price US$19.95 (Can$28.00)


Phil Saul
8th November 2007, 22:32

Just finished reading this excellent book.
It's short but very interesting and certainly gets you thinking about what those poor buggers have to do to make a living.
How lucky we are.
Regards Phil

8th November 2007, 22:46
I have had a quick flick through it in a book shop and it did look like a good coverage of the subject, although, even at a casual scan, it was apparent that its author was not a marine expert. However, as the two previous posters have pointed out, that does not detract from the book itself as ships are not its subject matter. Next time I see it perhaps I'll buy it.