Ss Macharda

Stuart Smith
11th March 2005, 14:52
Here I go again, wanting to see photographs of Brocklebank ships.
It seems that out of the later ships built for Brocklebank, ie from just pre-war until the mid 1960s there are very few that haven't been posted on the site at one time or another. One that springs to mind and which I don't recall seeing is SS MACHARDA. She was built in 1938 and served until she was scrapped at Hong Kong in 1962, one year after I joined the company. I never saw her and have no anecdotes what-so-ever about her. Can anyone help with a photograph and tales from the briney?
Stuart Smith

Ron B Manderson
11th March 2005, 15:14
when my machine comes back ill post
rRussel & co Port Glasgow 1918 10464gt 518ft. quad expan steam engine sold to japanese breakers 14 years after built her enginges were made for a austrian lloyd vesselhes size was to much for the lean years .

Ron B Manderson
11th March 2005, 15:16
Hamitons and co port Glasgow 1938
7998 gt 496 ft
Brocken up hong kong 1963

12th March 2005, 05:19
Sailed on Macharda as 2nd Eng 1960-61. Johnny Bain was Cheif, quite similar to Marwarri but unfortuneately don't have any photos. Good possibility that Jim Pottinger will have a photo.

15th March 2005, 17:43
Here comes Macharda in gallery

Stuart Smith
15th March 2005, 21:01
What a quality photograph Jim, clear and sharp. Thank you lots, you've come up trumps again.