Harry Thompson Chief Engr;

ian keyl
15th June 2007, 11:14
Harry was any old family friend of my parents he was from Torry Aberdeen then moved to Wales, does anybody know anything about Harry . I may be wrong with his christian name .I know he took out a couple of the then new Glens and a Shire ,not sure which.

thanks Ian.

30th November 2008, 18:38
A Harry Thompson was Chief Engineer in Glenorchy in 1961 on my first trip to sea. He was a large man with a moustache and I recall he once went swimming after dark and jumped into the pool that had been emptied of water! It was always rumoured he had been a Spitfire or Hurricane pilot in WW2. This is an old thread, hope this reaches you.

ian keyl
21st January 2009, 09:12
Many thanks AGamemnon,
Yes Harry may have supporteda moustache at some time but was certainly a large bloke ,he took out a couple of new Glens from the builders yard and was on the Denbyshire for a while I think. I dont know of the WW2 pilot episode ,I think not as my mum went to school with Harry in Aberdeen before the war and i cant recall any mention of the RAF but who knows .many thanks for your reply .
Ian Keyl.

21st January 2009, 09:45
I also sailed with Harry Thompson on the Glenorchy, 1961, I sailed as second trip assistant engineer, he was a jolly and very fair Chief. The captain was H S Clarke who was highly decorated during the second world war.


23rd February 2009, 15:32
Yes, Capt H S Clarke was one of the most highly decorated MN officers of WW2. Sad to say his experiences got the better of him.....these days he would have been a strong contender for counselling!