14th March 2005, 14:10
NEPTUNE ,moored at Genoa : you can visited him,she was used for the film

Jan Hendrik
15th March 2005, 22:54
Tell me Tanker, should we have a separate thread for replica's of bygone era, as I would not call this a "tall ship", or would you?

On the other hand where else can you put it .

I have some nice photos of some replicas too, like the "Endeavour", "Duyfken"
etc. All photos taken by myself so no copyright problems.

4th August 2005, 11:48
I have some doubt that "Neptune" could be called a "replica" too; strictly speaking a replica is a copy of an historic ship, built as far as possible with the same technics as the original one.
"Neptune" is merely a scenography for the Film "Pirates" (starring Walter Matthau), and her hull is in steel simply lined with wooden planks (there is neither caulking between their edges); guns, figurehead and other particulars are in fiberglass or some similar material. Beside that, I don't remember any historical gallion named "Neptune".
Anyway the ship is nice to be seen, and the visits on her are much loved by children.

John Rogers
4th August 2005, 13:49
Are you saying she is a Hollywood Prop.??