19th June 2007, 20:59
Anyone racall two quartermasters we had on Manipur Oct. 1958-April 1960One I knew as Hector, built like a pocket hercules from Western Isles, other had surname Brown from Edinburgh. Teetotal as sea but inport it was cowboy style. a bottle of whisky on the bar and a couple of glasses.
Hector just about saved my life when the discharge pipe fron a bottle of ammonia burst about 2 inches from my face in the alley way outside their cabin on the Manipur, he grabbed me and took me out on the aft deck and held my face in the wind to revive me.

John Ringrose
5th June 2008, 12:49
Anyone remember a QM - Murdo McKie (spelt wrong I know). Good guy. Put the last stitch through the nose of the Chippie when he died whilst on the Mahseer. He got the usual bottle of whiskey from the old man & proceeded to get well pissed.

16th June 2008, 07:09
John! Salaams! I put a photo of Murdo (Murdoch) in the "Life on Board" section of "Gallery". You can either see it by putting my username (Philthechill) in the "Search" facility or, if you don't want to trawl through all the different photo's I've inserted, just put Murdo McKay in the "Keywords" section.
I sailed with Murdo many times and found him to be a thoroughly good skin. Sober as a judge (most of the time) but when the odd occasion arose he would go on a bender of Olympic proportions. There were, if memory serves me correctly, three regular Q.M's on Maipura, Murdo, (Wee) Willie ? and another guy I can't even remember any part of his name but I do recall he had jet-black straight hair and a very thin face. The "chippy" was a long-serving, (on Maipura), member of the P.O's side too. Again I can't recall his name but I do remember he was from "Geordie-land". Possibly called Fred. Burra salaams, Phil(Hippy)

stan mayes
16th June 2008, 11:27
Does anybody remember Jim Weightman of London?
He was a QM with Brocklebank's all through the 1960s.
I had sailed with him during the war and saw him a few times at Tilbury when his ship was there..

John Ringrose
16th June 2008, 13:43
Hi Phil,

Saw the pic - yes that was him of course - as you say what a diamond he was. Suppose he has crossed the bar a long time ago now. I had a few sessions with him to!!.

19th June 2008, 06:37
There was a QM, from London, on "Makrana" called Charlie. Big shambling man who, when he was on gangway watch would have cans of Tennents stragetically placed on the bulwarks and, as he did his walkabout round the deck would have a sip from each one. I can't remember if/how he replenished them as, obviously, after a couple of hours his "running-buffet" of ale would be exhausted! As the galley/pantry was on the same deck-level he most likely had the QM's mess-room boy on a constant top-up mission! After his stint, on deck, he would, of course, be well on the way to getting scattered!

I well recall Tommy Smith's (S3E) wife being treated to an uninterrupted display of Charlie's "meat and two veg" once. Charlie was on his usual walking ale-fest and someone, seeing him wander past the cabin where the current "party" was being held, gave him a bolo and asked if he wanted a beer.
Charlie shambled in and seating himself on a chair, opposite Sandra (Good God! I even remember her name!!!), unknowingly (jury is still out on that one apparently!!!!!) "exposed" himself.
He used to wear huge voluminous shorts and the legs hung wide-open allowing his "chandelier" to dangle down in full view of poor old Sandra.
All attempts to warn Charlie of what had happened fell on deaf ears as Charlie was in his usual euphoric state of pleasant inebriation!! Salaams, Phil(Hippy)

19th June 2008, 22:54
Would Charlie be Charlie Riley. I sailed with him on the Mawana in '68. Was a 36 cans a day man until stocks were getting low at which point he was rationed to a case a day.

Murdo McKay on Mahseer (I think) in '69 was absolutely sober until his birthday. On that day he began to consume his mountain of tennants, must have been over a dozen cases stacked outside his cabin. Still made his watch - sort of - but his smokos were a great deal longer than 20 minutes. He had help but took best part of a week.

21st June 2008, 07:22
Hugh! Salaams! You're correct in identifying "my" Charlie and it was, indeed, Charlie Riley.

I well remember Murdo's ability to "celebrate" any occasion, which prompted the slightest excuse for a session. We were in Colombo and I threw the bar open to celebrate MY birthday and the QM's, as usual, were invited along.

The following day I was sitting in my cabin writing, reading or whatever when there was a thudding on my door and on my "Come in" Murdo's dishevelled head (if that was possible with his perennial half-inch haircut!!) appeared!

"Would ye like to come down fer a drink---------Third?" (the pause being necessary whilst he did a slight back-pedal to look what "legend" was over my door to ascertain who he was asking to join him for a "wet"), spake Murdo, in his delightfully soft Stornoway accent, "It's somebody's birthday!"

Turning down his kind invitation I explained that I didn't want a drink, "Thank you very much" and it had been my birthday and it had been the day before.

Murdo just did a "180" and lurched off (probably looking for some other less curmudgeonly drinking buddy) down the alleyway!! Top bloke! Phil,(Hippy)

6th July 2008, 17:04
Cannot recall the name, but Charley seems to fit the bill as was on the Manipur one trip. He had a penchant for hitching on foot up on the middle rail of the guardrails when wearing the aforesaid baggy shorts, (no drawers) the result can well be imagined. Or not as preferred.

Derek Roger
7th July 2008, 21:53
Quatermasters on Maipura 1965 , Murdo McKay ( from Sky ) Willie Mc Kenzie
also from Scotland ( Great Robert Burns Fan ) and Charlie from London. Whenever he had a few to many he would sing " Me and my Old Dutch " and then cry for a bit .
He hade huge hands and could hide a can of tennants in his closed fist .

Reards Derek

PS Murdo was the ships barber .

Allan Holmes
12th October 2008, 20:29
J.A.Pottinger - we had a QM on Maturata in 64/65 name of Hector Macintyre, Big chap, liked his drop of North British occasionally.

We called him Hector Dunlop because Dunlop had been Macintyres for years.

Sorry about that......