L,Hermione,s french tallship

25th August 2015, 21:11
Hi Everyone, I saw an amazing wooden battleship called the L,Hermione while I was visiting my daughter in Lunenburg ,Nova Scotia. I manged to get up really close as My daughter is the Museum Fisheries boatbuilder there and has some special privelages in her work. When the ship left it fired all its cannons. As we were leaving another special tall ship the Columbia pulled into Lunenburg and sailed with the Bluenose ,1st time in 80 odd yrs. How awsomme is that then!!! I,ll try and post pics. I tried but I think my image files are too big .!!!!! I have more pics,just have to find a way to reduce them in size!.Ed

26th August 2015, 07:19
Now THAT's a ship I would have loved to have sailed on!
Thanks for the posting germaniaman.