cruise ship lovers

24th June 2007, 18:01
Hello all
im working on speed one cat out of the old hoverport dover.
i shall take my camera to work when i`m on and get (hopefully) some good cruise ship photos as our berth is an ideal place to take them from...
Kindest regards
Don Don(Jester)

24th June 2007, 18:07
well done, don

25th June 2007, 00:05
Hi Don,
I was down the cruise Terminal on Tuesday. Managed to get right down the end of the Admiralty pier and saw the Saga Rose and Saga Ruby sail about the same time, 5pm. Your Cat arrived about the same time.
An old friend and his wife came down to Dover to see me, he is ex.Harrison line man, 30 years service. We had a busmans day out looking at the Ferries and Cruise liners.
I didn't take my camera with me otherwise I could have posted some photos.
I did a couple of years on the old Hovercraft in 71/72 when she ran out of the Eastern Docks.