17th March 2005, 11:19
To Billy Yates: FAIRSEA built as RIO DE LA PLATA in 1936 in two pics,
In navigation afte a partially modernizeg and the second at Capetown on
her definitive look.(from the book Trasporti marittimi di linea Vol VII)
welcome from Italy.

5th September 2011, 16:28
FAIRSEA was launched as RIO DE LA PLATA by Sun Shipbuilding & Dry Dock Co. at Chester, PA and taken over for rebuilding into an escort aircraft carrier. She was completed in 1941 as HMS CHARGER but was returned to the U S Navy as USS CHARGER in the same year. She remained as USS Charger until 1949 when she was converted to a passenger liner.

Steve Hodges
24th November 2019, 23:45
Can anyone tell me if "Fairsea" was re-engined when she was converted to a passenger liner? I just started a thread in "The Engine Room" about the propulsion machinery of this group of sisterships which were converted to auxiliary carriers ( my interest is in HMS Dasher,) It seems they had rather unusual Doxford powerplant built in the US , and I would like to learn more about it.

25th November 2019, 00:20
She was not re-engine as far as I can see from the information that I have.

kewl dude
25th November 2019, 00:36
This is easier

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Greg Hayden