Zhen Hua, anyone?

26th June 2007, 17:47
Has anyone here seen the Zhen Hua ships in action or had other experiences with them? Anyone got pics to show off?
For anyone who doesn't know, the Zhen Hua fleet are operated by Shanghai's Zhen Hua Port Machinery Company, and are used to deliver the giant ship-to-shore port cranes that Zhen Hua produces.

I wonder just how these ships stay stable with these massive cranes sitting fuly assembled on their decks? Wouldn't they be awfully top-heavy?
I really wish I had been into cranes when they brought a few into my local port- two down at Halterm, and one a couple of years later at Ceres. Now they're assembling two Liebherr cranes here- a shame they didn't come fully assembled like the Zhen Huas.

non descript
26th June 2007, 19:48
If you go to Gallery and do a search using Zhen Hua you will get at least 16 images of this company's ships and their operation; in the meantime to start you off, take a look at this one (https://www.shipsnostalgia.com/gallery/showphoto.php/photo/66283/si/Zhen%20Hua/what/allfields)

26th June 2007, 23:02
I watched a special on Hyundai Shipyard and part of it was about these cranes.
It showed them loading the ships with the cranes.
The best part is they had so many of them waiting to be shipped that clearances between cranes were an issue trying to move them.

27th June 2007, 11:06
Hello Amanita,

Go to http://www.zpmc.com then click on ZPMC Shipping.

Regards, Dennis.

27th June 2007, 15:52
JoK, where did you see that special, it sounds cool!
Discovery channel, by any chance?
I wish more cool things like that were on TV more often, why don't they just rename the learning channel the frigging home and fashion makeover channel and be done with it?

-Amanita, sooo tired of home decorating shows..Arghh.

27th June 2007, 16:12
The ship mentioned in #2 of this thread, does anybody know the sea worthy conditions of these ships? with that amount of superstructure what happens when she starts to roll, does a pendulum effect start. As much as I would like an ocean trip I think I would decline an offer to sail on them.

27th June 2007, 21:16
They must have a way to keep themselves stable- after all, I've never heard of one of these vessels dumping a load of cranes in foul weather.

28th June 2007, 12:17
We have their vessels here on a regular basis carrying new container cranes

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10th September 2007, 10:54
An interesting report (courtesy of World Cargo News (copyright) ) on ZPMC etc:

ZPMC in Wilmington lawsuit
ZPMC is engaged in a lawsuit in North Carolina following an incident in which the backreach of four cranes being delivered to the Port of Wilmington, on zhenhua 16 collided with the top of the stern spud ladders of a dredge as the cranes were being delivered for the North Carolina Port Authority. As previously reported, the accident too place in February on the Cape Fear River and caused around U$1M damage to a festoon and catwalk on one crane and US$500,000 in damages to the barge cherokee owned by the Southern Dredging Co.
Southern Dredging is suing Zhenhua Shipping for damages and costs on the basis that it caused the collision. Zhenhua Shipping has counterclaimed that at the time of the “touching” its vessel “had a superior right to occupy the space occupied by the Plaintiff’s dredge flotilla.”

In essence Zhenhua Shipping alleges that the US Coast Guard (USCG) had set up a safety zone from bank to bank of the Cape Fear River and the Cherokee breached the safety zone. In fact Zhenhua Shipping alleges that despite the obvious risk Southern Shipping had no look-out, no radio listening watch and had positioned and tied up dredging equipment “such that she pinned herself in the centre of the river, despite notice that the same was unsafe” and failed to yield right of way.

An interesting fact of the case is that the USCG had officers on board the zhenhua 16 but they took no action with regard to the position of either vessel. Zhenhua Shipping is also claiming the USCG failed to remove other vessels that were said to be in the safety zone and “utterly failed to enforce the safety zone in any and every meaningful way.”

Zhenhua Shipping is seeking around US$1.5M plus costs from Southern Dredging and submits that if it is found to be liable in any way by the court order, then “Third-Party Defendant United States be held liable and made to indemnify and pay Defendants the amount of any such liability.”...

16th September 2007, 17:43
Yee-ouch.. What a mess.
If there were coast guard officers on board, I'm surprised they just stood around and did nothing. And if Zhen Hua is right about that other ship, that was idiotic of them.