Ss Mahseer

Stuart Smith
17th March 2005, 13:48
In the excellent The Ships List, SS Mahseer, built 1948 has it as scrapped 1975 in Karachi, while the site has its status as Sunk-1975 Karachi. Is this a typo. or is there more to the story?
Information sought.

17th March 2005, 13:57
I remember reading (in the company magazine, "Cunarder" I think it was called) the account of the beaching of Mahseer for scrap . She was definitely scrapped, not sunk. The words were, I think, "with the boilers well salted" for the last run onto the beach, and tales of disembarking down the anchor cable.

Sad end, I did two trips on Mahseer and, apart from one afternoon leaving the channel and rolling 40 each way, was very comfortable. Even the mattress on the daybunk ended up on the cabin deck that afternoon.

17th March 2005, 18:20
I have Mahseer Arrived Karachi June 16 1975 and broken up at Gadani Beach

Ron B Manderson
17th March 2005, 18:51
My fav ship. I was asked by the brave Mr Charlie Bald to do yey another dry dock That was my 4th drydock on the trot. I did it on condition I went deepsea with her .Ended up doing drydock coastal 2 deep sea then another coastal . My happy and great ship .she was brill .even my switchboard was polished . My pride and joy .And the wifes fav .