Joy Beverley Wright

2nd September 2015, 08:41
Joy Beverley Wright, singer, born 5 May 1924; died 31 August 2015.....

The eldest of the 'Beverley Sisters'....I must admit she is one of those who, when you read they've died, you think, "I thought they've been dead for years"....

Sister Eleff
2nd September 2015, 13:43
The younger two are twins and are still alive.

2nd September 2015, 18:29
The Beverley sisters were favourites of my parents. It was debatable back then who was more famous, Joy Beverley, or her husband, the England and Wolverhampton Wanderers captain, Billy Wright.

They were the "Celebrity couple" of their day, but you never heard a whisper of any scandal. (Not like these days........!)


2nd September 2015, 22:28
I saw the Beverley Sisters in a pantomime in Feb 1956 and they made a great impression on me. Twins Teddie and Babs were born on Joy's 3rd birthday! Their parents had once had a music hall act - Coram & Mills - so it isn't surprising they went into show business too. Someone spotted them performing as Ovaltineys and in Nov 1944 arranged for them to be given an audition by the BBC (who were then located in Bedford) and bandleader Glenn Miller happened to notice them there and predict a great future for them.