Aikshaw from 1870s

6th September 2015, 13:51
I'm very interested in finding out any extra information about the following vessel:


Number: 72922
Built: 1875, a sail barque
Builder: William Doxford & Sons
Built For: E. W. Dyson
Launched: Sunderland October 1875
Registered: Maryport 1875 (on west coast opposite side of UK from Sunderland)
Captain: Edward William Tyson (1875-1879)

My great-grandfather was a member of the crew on this ship on the voyage from London to Australia in 1878.

I would love to see a picture, get more details of the number of crew etc . . . any information would be welcomed.

Thanks for reading this post!

6th September 2015, 14:09
Hine Bros.(Holme Line) Maryport wk'd between Roca Blanca & Gorgi Point 24.12.91

7th September 2015, 05:18
Thanks for that extra detail! I've now discovered that there was a book written about the Hine Brothers - 'Hine Brothers of Maryport' by Robert Peel Vol 1.

I can't find a copy here in Australia; does anyone out there have a copy in their personal reference library?

9th September 2015, 15:42
Try this for more information:

Dave W

10th September 2015, 06:18
Thanks for that reference, Dave - every little bit helps! Di

10th September 2015, 11:25
Crew list for 1878 (and the years either side) is available here; If you order a copy, quote the ship's official number, which was 72922.

Dave W

10th September 2015, 12:35
And here:
Dave W