George Henry Raby

Satanic Mechanic
9th September 2015, 08:18
Anyone know this name?, probably not, no particular reason anyone would.

I just read that he died on the 29th August.

He was the last surviving member of the Guinea Pig Cub, that remarkable group of burns victims and their treatment team led by Sir Archie McIndoe.

Closes the book on an amazing story whose legacy lives with us today in the remarkable acts of reconstructive surgery performed around the world.

9th September 2015, 10:04
Sorry to hear this a remarkable body of men who helped advance the technique of treating the badly burned injuries suffered by aircrew during WW2,Sir Archie Mcindoe never gave up on them,KYPROS

10th September 2015, 21:58
Apparently there were still a few of them left back in April;