'The Ship Magnificent'

Mark Chirnside
2nd July 2007, 11:07
Although some will tire of the dreaded 'T-word,' a valued addition to literature on the subject will be Titanic: The Ship Magnificent by Bruce Beveridge, with Scott Andrews, Steve Hall, Daniel Klistorner and Art Braunschweiger. As a collaborative effort, I have had the pleasure of seeing some of the book prior to publication and it is, truly, astonishing in its scope and accuracy.

In many ways it is a fascinating insi ght into shipbuilding back in the c.1910 era, and a great deal of information is applicable to other ships of the period. The authors have been able to correct a number of myths, and provide an enormous amount of rare material which should be a joy to read for the engineering enthusiast.

The book's preview website, prior to a late 2007 publication, is now online at:


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