Pickled Monkey story

Mick Spear
2nd July 2007, 15:05
During the two ships i did with Blue Star (Hoegh Duke and Southland Star) i heard the story - dating from the previous decade - concerning a Barrell of alcohol that was found in one of the holds on either the Auckland or English Star.

The story went: the crowd were slowly tapping into the barrel as a free means of getting drunk. However, when they arrived down Kiwi, the mate apparently had a word the Bosun, saying a sceintist from a uni or other had come an board and had a heated discussion with him about his consignment/cargo being ruined. The barrel that a monkey had been preserved/pickled in had dried up and the un-preserved monkey was of no use. The Bosun cascaded the info; you guess the rest!!

Can any of you lads verify this story?

In anticipation.

Mick S

3rd July 2007, 04:57
Ha ha ha!...i like it!