hello to all

nambucca 1
17th March 2005, 22:44
hi everyone glad to be aboard !! its great to have sites like this that help keep the memories of those wonderful years spent sailing the world's ocean's on ships that looked like "ships" i was with blue funnel for nearly 10 years finished up as 2nd cook/baker, & have lived downunder for 38 year's, a couple of years ago i found a great web site www.merchantnavyofficers.com & befriended a very nice person who alerted me to your web site cap't john bax ex blue funnel !! & fred waddington ex bi engineer who invited me to join them as a researcher, my job is to "ferret" around the world looking for rare & "nostalgic" vessels for our history page, have a look some time i promise you will enjoy!!! as i said great to be aboard !! have a nice day!!

cheers terry robins

Doug Rogers
17th March 2005, 23:52
Welcome to the site, hope that you enjoy it to the max!!.

19th March 2005, 00:05
Welcome to SN

20th March 2005, 11:34
Welcome from Italy Nambucca1 ,put your pics into the site we will appreciate