4th July 2007, 11:20
Hello all. My father, John Brassington, was in the Merchant Navy as an engineer in the 1960s. Being completely computer illiterate, he has asked me to find some pictures of the ships he served on. They were all Bibby Line ships, and I am looking for 1960s pictures of the Herefordshire, Lancashire and Worcestershire. If anybody can help, or direct me to where I might find them, it would save me loads of time! There seems to be so many different ships, all named the same! Please send me a PM in the first instance if you can help.
Thank you, Louise

K urgess
4th July 2007, 11:28
Welcome aboard from East Yorkshire, Louise.
I've edited your post to remove the email address. There are some naughty people out there who cotton on to things like that and start sending spam.
I don't doubt you'll soon get some replies and I'm sure you've found the Bibby Line forum by now.

4th July 2007, 11:30
Welcome onboard to SN and enjoy the voyage

4th July 2007, 14:55
Louise we seem to have 2 threads here on same subject, if you look under thread Bibby line you will have my answer to your query.

5th July 2007, 14:58
Louise there are photos of Herefordshire, Lancashire, Worcestershire

Bruce Carson
5th July 2007, 15:32
Louise, welcome onboard. I hope you and your father enjoy our forums and galleries.
I see Oceantramp has already provided the pictures of all three ships.
Your father may also like to look through an interesting history of the Line on the "Red Duster" site. I


5th July 2007, 20:34
Information given 0n thread No; 80 yesterday @15.49 under Bibby Line.

6th July 2007, 00:08
Another welcome from the North of England.

I hope you will enjoy the site.



Keith Adams
25th July 2007, 07:19
Hi Louise, tell your dad to have a go ... I was really struggling in the beginning and literally cried out for help ... still not too good but manage to get by with limited skills. I have two published histories of Bibby Line and one was picked up just 2 yrs ago, so they are still out there :- The History of Bibby Line by E.W. Paget-Tomlinson M.A. December 1969 and The Bibby Line 1807 - 1990 A Story of Wars, Booms and Slumps byNigel Watson first published 1990. I was on the "Oxfordshire", "Warwickshire" and "Staffordshire" ... also stood- by on a "Devonshire" all in the late 1950's. Good hunting, Snowy