100 years old in 1966.

21st September 2015, 15:35
I found this article in the Port of Houston magazine from 1966. It gives a good history of the founding of the company.

Apologies if its been posted before.

Alistair Macnab
21st September 2015, 16:27

Your Port of Houston article dated from 1966 is very informative and one I must have missed! I am glad that Denholm's record and reputation are reintroduced to the maritime public to remind us of a most successful company and a Scottish company to boot. As an Andrew Weir's man, I bow to Denholm's accomplishments and am only glad that the two companies never had to come head-to-head in any of their successful endeavours but lead in their own individual maritime sectors.

Now, on the subject of Scottish Independence. Can you imagine how an independence proposal would fare if Scottish engineering and ocean shipping were in the leadership position as they were in Denholm's and Weir's days? What went wrong?

Alistair in Houston.

Harry Grainger
21st September 2015, 19:51
What went wrong ? We let clerks and accountants take over from workers and engineers !

22nd September 2015, 01:10
An another 49 years since that article !

Harry Grainger
3rd November 2015, 10:33
150 years old next year . I wonder will the company hold a reunion for all ex staff ? I was watching highlights of the Guinness Pro 12 rugby matches on Sunday afternoon and noticed that the Glasgow Warrior players had the Diamond D flag on the left arm of their shirts, checking their web sight Denholm's are one of their sponsors. Moving on to the Denholm web sight I see they are ship owners again ,maybe have been for some time.