Requesting Information 0n 1938/45 Mn Ships

7th July 2007, 09:25
Can any of you old salts out there give me info on the following cargo ships,
my father George Whitfield service number R168097 served aboard these ships as a Deck Officer until he retired with heart problems after returning from North Africa after serving on an ammunition carrying ship during WW2.

The ships are:
SS DERRYNANE 1938/40 -- --
SS CHANNEL QUEEN (167630) 1940/42 OHMS
SS COXWOLD (165098) 1942/44 OHMS

He also served in the Royal Navy during the 1914-18 war as an A/B Gunner aboard the Cruiser HMS VENERABLE. 2nd Fleet 5th Battle Squadron,
he mentioned about chasing after a German raider during his service aboard this ship, but I am more interested on info of the Merchant ships.

Anything would be appreciated. Aye, Dave.(Thumb)

K urgess
7th July 2007, 11:11

Can't find Marylyne or Channel Queen.

Owners McCowen & Gross of London
Had 2 ships both built in 1938
Derrymore 4,800 dwt
Derrynane 4,900 dwt
No further details except hull colour is black

Owners Atkinson & Prickett Ltd. of Hull
Coxwold built 1938 1,100 tons (engines aft)
Skagen built 1914 900 tons
Margit built 1924 1,700 tons

The Coxwold was a Dutch-built motor coaster whose sister ship "Thixendale" was sold to a Portuguese Company and renamed "Targus". Built in 1936 they had sharply raking stems and cruiser sterns. 3 large hatches served holds with a total grain capacity of 84,200 cubic feet. There were three 5 ton derricks and she carried 260 tons of water ballast and 50 tons of oil fuel.
She had had a buff funnel with a narrow black top and a blue flag with A&P in the centre.
The firm had owned ships since 1908.

The details and the attached picture are from "Merchant Ships 1942" by E.C. Talbot-Booth.


7th July 2007, 11:55
SS MARYLYN, Kaye Transport Co Ltd, London
Built 1930 by Lithgow’s Ltd, Port Glasgow, launched 20/12/1929, completed Feb. 1930, Yard No. 838.
Official No 161369, 4555 Gross Tons.
Triple Expansion Steam Engine, 10 knots.

Sunk 31/10/1942, torpedoed by submarine U-174 at position 00.46S, 32.42W (

MV CHANNEL QUEEN, British Channel Islands Shipping Co Ltd, London.
Built 1940 by Burntisland Ship Builders, Burntisland, Scotland, launched 10/06/1940 completed Sept 1940, Yard No. 245.
Official No 16 7630, 567 Gross Tons.
Diesel Engine, 11 knots.
1947 for British Channel Islands Shipping Co, renamed CHANNEL COAST
1959 chartered to W.A. Savage, renamed GLENFIELD
1960 for British Channel Islands Shipping Co, renamed ALDERNEY COAST
1966 sold to N.Grigoriou, renamed ASTRONAFTIS
1975 chartered to Namar Shipping, renamed MASTRO COSTAS
1975 for N.Grigoriou, renamed, renamed SEA HORSE

Scrapped 21/02/1976, beached in West Monrovia following a leak.

Hugh MacLean
7th July 2007, 12:21
mv CHANNEL QUEEN O/N 167630 Built 1940 by Burntisland SB. Yard No 245, Burntisland, Fife.


Leaked & beached W Monrovia 21.2.76

There is a photo of her as CHANNEL COAST here:

Regarding "MARYLYNE" this is a typo and should read MARYLNE O/N 161369
Built 1930 at Lithgows, Port Glasgow for Kaye Transport Co. LTD.

MARYLYN. GRT 4555. Buit 1930
31.10.42: Torpedoed and sunk by U-174 (Thilo), in the South Atlantic 450 miles WSW of St Paul Rocks, in position 00.46S 32.42W while sailing independently on a voyage from Buenos Aires 10.10.42 and Montevideo to the UK via Trinidad, with 6600 tons of general cargo. The Master, Capt Thomas Collier Townsend, and 6 survivors were rescued by British ship PUNDIT 5305/19 AND LANDED AT Trinidad; the Chief Officer and 19 survivors were rescued on 10.11.42 by British ship ETTRICKBANK 5138/37 and landed at Port Of Spain, Trinidad. 10 crew and 5 gunners were lost.


7th July 2007, 13:19
while serving on the MARTAGON in 1953 ?(kayes)also had a ship called MARYLYNE trading at the same time, sure i saw her once in the TYNE

Hugh MacLean
7th July 2007, 14:15

The ship you refer to was called MARYLYN
built in 1953, 7602 tons

8th July 2007, 10:02
Thank you lads for all that info,you`ve all been a great help.The Kaye Co. sailed under the name of K Diamond and this was shown on the funnel as a letter K within a diamond shape and I do remember my father saying that he missed the Marylyne sailing on her last voyage due to the death of his mother,the ship was sunk by a u boat, Thanks again for all your contributions ,greatly appreciated . Dave.

K urgess
8th July 2007, 10:55
Kaye, Son & Co., Ltd., London, had grey hulls and the funnel was black with a white outlined diamond with a white "K" in the middle.
The house flag was the same but square with a blue background.
Most of the ships names began with "Mar" except for mv Empire Merchant, Western City, Kayeson, Joyous.
The rest were -
Marina, Marton, Marcella, Margalan, Margot.
The company was registered in 1905 and they owned ships from 1912.
Other companies in the group were
The "K" S.S. Co. Ltd. (1919)
Kaye Steam Navigation Co. Ltd. (1922)
Kaye Transport Co. Ltd (1929)
Walmar S.S. Co. Ltd. (1926)
Coolham S.S. Co. Ltd.
They also managed The Jamaica Banana Producers' S.S. Co. (Jamaica Producer, etc.)
Appparently the Jamaica Producer brought down a Heinkel in April 1941 when the aircraft flew so low in attacking the vessel that it fouled the foremast and crashed.
Information current in 1942. ("Merchant Ships 1942" by E.C. Talbot-Booth.)

8th July 2007, 11:06
my discharge book r548826 reads oct 1952 signed on MARTAGON, still sure the MARYLYN was around then, and i dont think she was new.


Hugh MacLean
8th July 2007, 12:42
my discharge book r548826 reads oct 1952 signed on MARTAGON, still sure the MARYLYN was around then, and i dont think she was new.


This is where I got my info from:

8th July 2007, 21:33
I have added a photo of the SS Derrynane under cargo ship photos,does anyone know what happened to her,did she go to another company or was she scrapped and did she survive the war?

K urgess
8th July 2007, 21:40
If you go here (, Dave, you will find three of them.


Hugh MacLean
8th July 2007, 21:56
SS DERRYNANE official number 166532 built in 1938.

McCowen & Gross; 1938; Burntisland S.B. Co.; 4,896 tons;
414-7x57x25-7; 394 n.h.p.; triple-expansion engines.

The British steamship
Derrynane was in convoy from Lourenco

Marques to Immingham when, on February 12th, 1941, the convoy

was attacked by a German raider about 400 miles S.E. of the

Azores. The Derrynane was hit by shellfire and blew up with the loss of
all on board, 35 crew and a gunner.

I take it that you never saw my reply Feb 07:

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9th July 2007, 11:33
sorry hugh, must be my memorys gone.

Hugh MacLean
10th July 2007, 16:42
No worries, Alan, I suffer too! :)