Brocklebank rarities.

Stuart Smith
11th July 2007, 15:00
As many of you will have seen, I have posted and shared quite a few photographs of Brocklebank ships. However the time has come for me to put out the begging bowl for some help from our esteemed crew.
Apart from some of the early Anchor Line ships, that joined the fleet, I have been unable to acquire photographs of 4 of Brocklebank's ships.
If anyone has photographs or copies of the following vessels and would be kind enough to send me a PM followed by high resolution scans I would be overjoyed.

Maizar......Built 1917 and torpedoed and sunk on her maiden voyage.
Malakand....Built 1905 and torpedoed and sunk 1917.
Marwarri....Built 1900 and sold to Italy 1920.
Matra......Built 1905. Purchased by Brock's 1918 and sold in 1920.

Thanks in anticipation.
Stuart Smith

11th July 2007, 15:22
Send me a PM with contact details and will send you a few photos

Rgds Gdynia