German Uboats 1945

18th July 2007, 20:50
when Germany surrendered and U Boats were surfacing all along our shores,some were going to Londonderry,Liverpool and one or two surrendered to the Norweigan Navy who placed them into service in their navy,I remember seeing 2 of these ex U Boats in Londonderry in 1954, did any other Navies use these boats or were most destroyed in batches in the Atlantic after the war?
Also has anyone any information on the one which was recovered from the sea bed and put on show at Birkenhead.

Gavin Gait
18th July 2007, 21:00
Norway used at least one Type VII/C41 ( U995 - ) up till the early 1970's and donated it to the U-Boat Museum at Kiel where she is on display ashore to this day. The rest of the Type VII's and Type IX's were split out between the Allies and altho the Russian Navy used some for a short while most were either scrapped or sunk.

The U Boat at Birkenhead is a Type IXc/40 -

The Type XX1 "Electro" boats were used extensively in testing leading directly to the Russian Whisky class SSK ( Diesel Submarine ) , the GUPPY 1 & 2 modernised Tang and Gato fleet subs ( US Navy ) the modernised A & T class SSK's for the Royal Navy and most post war new designs.

The UK built the Porpoise and Oberon class SSK's on broadly a similar but modernised design and very effective they were too with the last of the Oberon class decommisioning from the RN only after the 1991 Gulf War 1.

With the USN forging ahead with their Nuclear boats they only commisioned one new built class of SSK post WW2 ( Barbel class using the revolutionary Albacore tear-drop shaped hull ). The RN developed the Type 2400 class SSK ( Upholder class now in service in Canada ) but that only ran to 4 boats.


Harry Nicholson
18th July 2007, 23:05
Father in Law, Lt. Frank Scott, told me he was involved in the scuttling of U Boats at Wilhelmshaven at the end. In a shoreside warehouse was a load of German silver goblets ready to be handed out to U boat crews each time they sunk a certain tonnage. When they got six they got a silver tray to put them on. Frank Scott's C.O. said 'what's good enough for Hitlers lot is good enough for my lot, share them out among the chaps.
At the moment four goblets and a tray are in my wife's china cabinet.
We also had the dress flag of the pocket battleship Prinz Eugen, but that was sold some years ago. It was hardly ever looked at. It used to give people the creeps.

Pat McCardle
18th July 2007, 23:19
Hi! Harry. I would get them valued, for insurance purposes, if you haven't done so already.

20th July 2007, 11:02
bit of good advice there from Pat Harry!.

20th July 2007, 16:46
I read somewhere that U boats were still being sunk even when the surrender was announced, any idea what the last German boat that was sunk after the date of surrender by our forces-- I don`t mean scuttled by the U Boat crews and in what areas did they occur? I also read that the Russians executed any U Boats men they captured right up till 1946, was this true or were they retaliating for the treatment the Russians were suffering in the German POW camps, the Germans had no love for the Russian troops.

Steve Woodward
20th July 2007, 17:18
The final U boat sunk was the U 1277 ( Stever) scuttled by her crew on the 03rd June 1945 in the Atlantic off Oporto and the final surrender was U97 ( Schaeffer) in the River Plate on the 17th August 1945.
The last sunk was by a mine U2538 (Klapdor) on the 09th May 1945 and the last boat sunk by allied forces was the U320 ( Emmrich) and she was sunk by British aircraft of 210 squadron on the 07th May 1945.
Steve W

21st July 2007, 06:06
In April 1945, Admiral Doenitz ordered the entire navy, with a few exceptions, be scuttled (Operation Regenbogen - "Rainbow"). A few days later he was forced to rescind the order by the allies, but a large percentage of U-Boats were scuttled anyway.

Just about anything you need to know about U-Boats is available at http/ - a mine of information (no pun intended).

John T.

21st July 2007, 09:19
Thanks for your info, I`ll check those sites out, I could`nt under stand why we kept sinking German boats after the Peace Treaty was signed.