Stockholm III

26th March 2004, 23:15
Stockholm III

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3rd October 2004, 16:22
Very suffering the history of STOCKHOLM ,perhaps the guilty of sinking of
the ANDREA DORIA 1956? The fact remain that after a great change of name
STOCKHOLM-VOLKERFREUNDSHAFT-VOLKER-FRIDTJOF NANSEN she was refitted and became ITALIA PRIMA under italain flag and now she is in laid up
under the name of VALTUR PRIMA of Nina shipping , always Italian flagged!!!

3rd October 2004, 17:08
She has led a charmed and very lucky life.

Bob S
6th November 2004, 17:18
I saw her on many occasions as the “then” East German Deutsche Seereederei’s VOLKERFREUNDSCHAFT. This shot was taken in 1971 in the “then” named Russian port of Leningrad.