Palm Line Bulletins

21st July 2007, 15:31

Does anyone have any Palm Line Bulletins they can scan and e-mail to me

21st July 2007, 15:58
Hi Bob
Somewhere in the loft I will have copies of the Palm Bulletin covering the period from 1965 - 1972. I will endeavour to dig them out, but at present cannot scan them.

Christopher Roberts
17th August 2007, 13:40
Hi Barry,if you could scan some of the Palm Line Bulletin's it would be great - if you can not - then is there anyone out there that could help? "Where there is a will" and all that good stuff.

29th August 2007, 02:10
I have found Volume 23 No.2, Volume 24 No.1, Volume 24 No.2 Winter 84/85 and Volume 25 No.1 Summer 85. If you do not have them please let me know and I will scan and send. Kind Regards. David Wilson.

31st August 2007, 19:03

All my copies got destroyed in a house move, so anything you have would be appreciated

2nd September 2007, 22:42
OK, I will get on with scanning them, once I have the four files ready I'll let you know. Kind Regards. David Wilson.

6th September 2007, 17:08
Hello Bob,
Have bulletins, vol23no2;vol16no2;vol23no1;vol25no1vol24no2;vol22n o2(2copies). Some have the green rollcall but unfortunately not all. My sister in law has more which she will endeavour to extricate from the loft. New to computers so may take a little time to work out how to scan & send. Also have a copy of :- Palm Line: The Coming Of Age, 1949-1970, by Roger Kohn. A fascinating read with some great pictures. Again anyone wanting a copy please bear with me I'm a computer virgin.
Regards, ccurtis1