Coaster photos

21st July 2007, 23:07
Just been steered towards an excellent photo website with a mass of coaster galleries, lots of shots from the 70's & 80's with images of many coasters mentioned in SN. Go to :-

22nd July 2007, 13:18
Just had a look, Awateah2 - some nostalgia there, to be sure. Top picture of the week is Waterdale, and she rings a bell somewhere. Anybody know anything about her?

22nd July 2007, 22:32
Nice site awateah2, thanks for the link.

vectisol, Waterdale has been on this SN site within the last few days. Go to search and you will find lots of photos and information about her.

Regards, Trader.

26th July 2007, 22:29
Thanks, Trader, I've just done that. Waterdale must have been a common sight around the UK coast. Checking my notebook again, the ship that I actually had in mind was Romark, which was another operated by Pelham Dale.