Riverina - Dee Navigation Ltd.,

24th July 2007, 21:30
Am looking to find a picture of the Riverina, think she was Dee Line or Furness Whithy,I think she was about 60s/70s.any help would be much appreciated.
many thanks

John Crossland
25th July 2007, 02:21
Hi Christopher,

Try the following, there are 2, a small tanker and a larger cargo ship.



25th July 2007, 07:24
RIVERINA built 1977 for Dee Navigation Ltd.-Newcastle at Dae Sun S.B. & E.Co.Ltd.[186]
LOA:124,95 x 19,16 x 7,54
Eng.:2SA 6Cy 520x1050mm 4625kW 6200bhp Mitsubishi
Call/Flag Sign:GVUC

Sorry mate,don't have a piccie.

non descript
25th July 2007, 07:35
Hi Christopher,

At this stage I cannot find a decent picture of her, but in passing Riverina was part of a three ship order at the South Korean yard of Daesun. These were 9,200 dwt bulk-carriers destined for use by Furness Withy (Australia) Pty Ltd., She was launched 24-06-76 and handed over in 1977.

The three ships were registered to Dee Navigation Ltd., which was in fact Empire Transport Company Ltd., and changed it name in 1975 in the Houlders re-organisation.

Riverina was sold in 1981 and re-named Falkon, then in 1989 Apollonian Faith – she foundered on 7th November 1991

25th July 2007, 09:29
many thanks to you all for the information,I'm trying to find the pics for a mate who sailed on her, plus the Vouge,Vendee both P&0,and King Alfred of Union Castle.Have found 10 of his other ships, just these ones to get now.once again many thanks.

non descript
25th July 2007, 11:35
Hi Chris,

I have taken the liberty of making an edit to the title of your thread, in the hope that stands out and it may stir a memory with one of the others.

Good luck.