Jewel of the Sea

Jan Hendrik
24th March 2005, 06:59
Photos taken in Copenhagen August 2004

Bob S
24th March 2005, 13:58
There's an intersting twist to my thumbnail problem. Here I see thumbnails of two tankers and the Chusan, when I open them, that's exactly what I get, not the Jewel of the Sea?

julian anstis
24th March 2005, 14:01
I have no prob's with this......I am getting three pics of jewel of the sea and when open they are correct..!

I am on win XP and Telewest broad band

Ron B Manderson
24th March 2005, 16:37
I also get three pics her
But beware Bob
Microsoft windows has a bad habit of changing settings on it;s own .
They say it doesn't but it does.
What microsft do is put out a system IE ME and when we all complain they change it then bring out A NEW STYstem IS XP HOME >

Jan Hendrik
25th March 2005, 05:22
Bob S.
I am glad you get pictures of "other vessels" instead of the "Jewel of the Sea.....". I am relieved you did not get any pictures out of my family album, and oh... oh, could have been the ones I would not like to share......