Jan Hendrik
24th March 2005, 08:04
Photos taken Copenhagen August 2004 by

One photo both Constellation and Jewel of the Sea are berthed behind each other.

Doug Rogers
24th March 2005, 10:19
Great photos Jan but I think I prefer something smaller and more intimate, its amazing the size of so many of the last wave of these things...but bigger aint always better!!.

24th March 2005, 10:48
Great photos Jan but I think I prefer something smaller and more intimate, its amazing the size of so many of the last wave of these things...but bigger aint always better!!.
It depends on what you want Doug. I have had the good fortune to board a number of cruise ships here (in relation to my job) and I prefer the larger ones, mainly because they give you the opportunity to "get away" from other pax if you so wish. With the smaller ships, you don't get that - no matter where you turn there's always going to be someone there.
Facilities are another factor, but really it all comes down to one's individual taste and there is something out there for everyone!

Jan Hendrik
24th March 2005, 10:54
Have you noticed I was on board a vessel when taking this photo?
I was on an old two master in the port of Copenhagen on my way to Middelgrunden, the world's first offshore wind turbine park.

Hereby 3 photos, on board the "Donna Wood", well known near Nyhavn (the old inner harbour in Copenhagen)

24th March 2005, 11:03
And a fine ship she is! Is this the same one you showed me pictures of back in December?

Jan Hendrik
24th March 2005, 12:08
Yes David,

same ship, same event. was a big party

Doug Rogers
25th March 2005, 01:34
Yes David, each to their own, it would be a bad place if we were all the same!!. And isnt that one of the strengths of this site, the differences and views that come across, very healthy I think. the pictures but arent the windmills interesting, dont think I have ever seen any mounted right at water level like that.

Jan Hendrik
25th March 2005, 06:17
Doug, one of my passions is wind turbines and I do presentations for clubs and associations about this subject.
Usually the presentation is 30-40 minutes in powerpoint but question time runs for another hour until we stop it.
It is an interesting subject. Lots of politics too i.e. bird killings, visual polution, collision with ships and all that.
So I always have very "healthy" arguments.

The worlds largest OFFSHORE wind turbine parks are now in Denmark, one with 80 towers and one with 72 towers.

Ireland is about to start an offshore park of 200 wind turbines.

Go to which is Denmarks largest wind turbine supplier (and the world's largest)
If you are interested then I can send you a CD ROM (copyright....) of such presentation I do.
It includes a lot of photos taken by myself.
Then send me your private address by email/personal mail.

Doug Rogers
25th March 2005, 07:00
The only ones that I have ever come close to are in Cornwall, and they would now be very old I think. They can be quite erie, a lot of fog and mist in the area and you could hear the shush sound of the rotation of the vanes, combine that with a nice cold bleak day and it could give you the hebie jeebies if you didnt know they were there and missed all the signs!!. Cheers..Doug

Jan Hendrik
25th March 2005, 08:32
Don't ever get a fight with a wind turbine. You lose.
The older turbines indeed produced more noise, also because their revs per min. were 50-60. They were really spinning around.
Today only 12 to max 15 revs. per min. which gives you a "swish sound" which you no longer hear at 250 metres distance (average).

We won't get any offshore turbines in OZ due to the depth of the water.

The chances in Europe that a ship runs into an offshore wind turbine is calculated being one to a million.
Sofar no such thing ever happened.

Then there is controversy about bird killings, so all I do is show some slides of the Exxon Valdez disaster, whereby 500.000 birds and a lot of other sealife died because of the crude oil spillage which in actual fact is a means to produce power/electricity....

I am not at all saying that we should go for wind power, besides this is not the forum for it at all, however, there is a relationship with the maritime industry because of the offshore structures.

Hereby a spectacular picture (try to enlarge it) of a support vessel taking the blades to an offshore park.

p.s. CD now in envelope, posting this week end.