Old 'Motor Ship' Magazines

Jim MacIntyre
3rd August 2007, 03:50
Does anyone have or have access to really old 'Motor Ship' magazines.
I am looking for issues approximately early 1948.
I have been told there may be an article on the MacBrayne ferry 'Loch Seaforth' and there may be some plans of the ship in the article.
Jim MacIntyre

12th December 2018, 09:01
you can ask to Stephen J. Card Stephen J. SN Supporter
Senior Member, he have all of them

12th December 2018, 09:05
also Bill Morrison Bill Morrison have some of them
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Stephen J. Card
12th December 2018, 09:30
I will have a look through and see what is in the issues for those years.

Loch Seaforth.... made one trip in this fine little vessel, 1971.


Stephen J. Card
12th December 2018, 10:27

Went through one large, bound volume of Jan 1946 to Dec1948. The whole year of 1947 is missing!

There is one small note in Jan 1948 and a few months later another small caption and photo (poor) of LOCH SEAFORTH.

Can't help this one. Bill Morrison might have it.


Bill Morrison
12th December 2018, 20:49
I have only July 1947 as I usually bought if an artical was of interest to me.