Ian Baldock - Glenbarry

Mick Spear
10th August 2007, 13:43
Anyone remember Ian Baldock aka paddy he was on deck? He sailed on the Glen Barry late 60s and went to Communist china on it. He later did a few trips with T&J Harrisons as 3rd/2nd Mate.

Mick S

Bill Davies
15th September 2007, 07:34
When you say he was on deck do you mean he was a deck cadet. In my time Glen Line never carried European ratings.

Tai Pan
16th September 2007, 09:30
quite correct. in the 50,s Glengarry had 24 British and 130 chinese crew. the chinese crew came from 3 different regions. deck were shanghai. catering cantonese and the engine room from north china. it was interesting when an argument occured, this was done in pidgeon english.