Boom Defence Anchors

12th August 2007, 04:53
The RNZN had in the 1960's had a large supply of Boom Defence gear stored on Rangitoto Island which is opposite Northhead at the enterance to Auckland Harbour. I do not know if it was used during WW11 or if they have boom defence gear these days.


13th October 2009, 13:02
Blair, the Auckland harbour Board/ RNZN had boom defense barriers installed off North Head in the vicinity of Bean rock light.
I can remember seeing them being opened during the War to let ships in and out and when visiting Auckland as a child.

Later in the 50's and during my time in the dockyard drawing office I was sent to Islington bay Rangitoto stores to identify and list all naval lifting devices to form a register of cranes and hoists etc and some of this boom operating gear came onto my list.

A late comment I know but I have just stumbled onto this thread.


13th October 2009, 15:42
Boom Defence was still considered to be very important well into the 1960's, local Port Authority craft like self propelled Hoppers built in the 1950's (with mods) were subject to a subsidy on the proviso that they woud be made available for Boom Defence duties.