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Kath Prince
12th August 2007, 10:40
I have just joined and am still trying to find my way round the site and make sure that I post in the appropriate section.
I am looking for info on a Norwegian cargo ship of 1921.

12th August 2007, 10:46
Welcome onboard to SN and enjoy the voyage

Sister Eleff
12th August 2007, 10:49
Welcome Kath, the lads on this site should be able to help with your search. Do you have a name of the ship or a picture?

12th August 2007, 11:07
Welcome aboard from the Philippines Kath. enjoy all this great site has to offer.

12th August 2007, 11:38
Greetings Kath and welcome from the south of England. Enjoy the site and bon voyage.

K urgess
12th August 2007, 12:58
Welcome aboard from East Yorkshire, Kath.
You'll find everything you need once you find your way around.

Steve Woodward
12th August 2007, 13:20
Kath, greetings from the lower half of East Yorkshire, dont worry about posting in the wrong section someone will correct it ( usually a bloke called Kris who enjoys doing this) I am sure you will find the Info you need

Bruce Carson
12th August 2007, 13:33
Kathy, Welcome Onboard,
You have any problems navigating, just ask and someone will point in the right direction.
You'll find the maritime knowledge of our members is amazing--enjoy the site and all it has to offer.


12th August 2007, 23:28
Welcome from the North of England.

Give us some more information and we will try to help you with your enquiry.

In the meantime I am sure you will enjoy the site - take a good look around.