Hello from Sooty

14th August 2007, 15:41
Hi everyone.Spent many years in Royal Navy,most of them in Submarines.Feeling my way around the site.Looking forward to contributing as we go.

14th August 2007, 15:46
Welcome aboard Sooty. We have quite a few Grey Funnel Line members on the site - nice to have someone from the Trade with us.
Enjoy the site and the banter but beware - it is addictive!

Best wishes

Bruce Carson
14th August 2007, 15:52
Sooty, Welcome Onboard.
Take a look through our Galleries and Forums--I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.
Looking forward to your postings.


14th August 2007, 15:55
Welcome onboard to SN and enjoy the voyage

14th August 2007, 16:07
Greetings Sooty and welcome to SN from a member in the other navy. Enjoy the site and all it has to offer. Bon voyage.

K urgess
14th August 2007, 17:04
Welcome aboard from Northern East Yorkshire, Sooty.
Plenty of RN and XRN in the crew. Enjoy the trip.

14th August 2007, 23:09
Welcome from Lancashire.

I am sure you will soon find your way around the site. I am sure you will enjoy it and add your own contributions.



15th August 2007, 04:34
Welcome aboard from the Philippines Sooty. Enjoy all this great site has to offer. Look to forward to some submarine stories.

16th August 2007, 13:28
Welcome, Sooty, from another ex-RN!