Morse Chat Room.

14th August 2007, 18:01
Some years ago I came across a ''Morse chat-room'' on the WEB and it worked quite well. So I wonder if there are any Techies out there who might consider one for SN., perhaps its been thought of before. Lots of old Brass pounders and Side Swipers in the Attics around the World., bring them back to life. So Thats my Thought for the day. Would welcome your comments., 73's

Best Regards.

14th August 2007, 21:49
for anyone wishing to test their morse...............see what you have forgotten

quite a simple test site

K urgess
14th August 2007, 22:55
Great stuff, Sparkie. If a bit slow.
Now I need to be able to record that and post the sound file as an attachment to an email or embedded into a thread. Any ideas.

14th August 2007, 23:05
Hi, Sparkie2182 thanks for the comments, Very much appreciated. I would prefer to plug a Key into the Old Computer and have two way QSO's on SN if possible, instead of this typing thing Hi, same as Ham Radio and the old days at sea ,Company skeds etc.,etc., Lets keep the little bit of Mystery.
Mni tks QSO OM 73 BCNU LTR Athinai

14th August 2007, 23:13


15th August 2007, 00:12
m.s. try............

you can keep the zip file as an attachment to send on............

these are mainly for ham training , and are kinda slow.

i used one a couple of years ago which was very good, more commercial ,and when i can remember its name.....ill post to you.......

73's om


Hugh MacLean
15th August 2007, 11:54
Great stuff, Sparkie. If a bit slow.

There is a drop down box at the top where you can increase the speed to 35wpm. 20 was comfortable any higher I couldnt write fast enough:sweat:


K urgess
15th August 2007, 13:33
Tried that, Hugh, I tried 25s but gave up at the first dash.
That's the second link posted.
The one I was referring to was the first which is limited to 18wpm. A lot easier and seemed a lot slower than the second one at the same speed.
Definitely out of practice.[=P]


15th August 2007, 20:24
Hi Fellas.

Have you tried MorseMail at all? The server is down just at the moment; I have advised the programme's creator.

Web address is:-



15th August 2007, 20:28
Jeeze I have enough trouble communicating in English as it is writ never mind understanding all those squeeks and pops(Jester)

15th August 2007, 21:10
a squeek is 3 times longer than a pop..........

i hope this clarifes matters...........

best regards to all


K urgess
15th August 2007, 23:01
A pop between letters and a squeak between words.

15th August 2007, 23:21
quite right........:)

this may be of interest................

King Ratt
16th August 2007, 14:04
For some live QSOs try


Rab T

K urgess
16th August 2007, 14:10
Try Seefunk ( for some nostalgia

16th August 2007, 18:53
Tks Kris & Rap, took me right back hearing the different fists and tones of coast stations - great stuff!


17th August 2007, 19:32
MorseMail is back on line again. Any of you had a look at it yet.
(Like the new pin-up by the way, MarconiSahib!)


K urgess
17th August 2007, 19:41
The link for MorseMail is this (
You missed out a couple of slashes Brian.
The new pin-up is temporary until I can sort out the radar at the new size or find another Marconi related one.
This one makes me feel SOOOoooooo old.[=P]

17th August 2007, 19:52
a rather good sparkie site..........

Harry Nicholson
23rd June 2011, 13:46
Text to Morse site:

But you might have been there already.


28th June 2011, 14:03
I found the morse a little scratchy and hard to read.

The program I use is
Which I find I can still read at 25wpm.
I also make ring tones and download them to my mobile telephone. It is quite interesting when the phone rings in public and the ring tone identifies the caller in morse.


28th June 2011, 15:12
I used WinMorse to create a ring tone for my mobile phone. The speed can be chosen at will.

28th June 2011, 19:35
You can get RSS news-feeds in Morse at:


29th June 2011, 20:36
Any of you Sparkies seen the above site yet?


1st July 2011, 08:07
I have morse ring tones on my iphone.

The main ring tone is VLLB DE VIS QRJ K.

I also have custom ones for calls from my wife and my kids.