Pat Eddery

10th November 2015, 13:27
Pat Eddery, 11 times champion jockey, dies aged 63...Retired having won 4,632 British Flat races.... Triumphed in three Derbys over three decades...

A true 'giant' in his sport....

11th November 2015, 22:42
Just seen this, never been a big racing fan but Pat Eddery was a name that was well know to most of us in the UK.
He was a craftsman at his job, working hard to get winners and not just on top class horses.
Rode the Arc winner 4 times including three consecutive years on three different horses.

His rivalry with fellow jockeys Lester Piggott and Willie Carson in the 70s and 80s was legendary stuff. Won the jockey title 11 times equal with probably the greatest flat jockey of all time Lester Piggott.
That tells us how good Eddery was.

Is it just me or were jockeys far more high profile with the general public in the 70s/80s ?
The three I mentioned above plus Greville Starkey, Steve Cauthen and Walter Swinburn were all near enough household names, now, beyond Dettori, I'm not sure too many flat jockeys could be named by the man in the street, I know I'd struggle to name one.

Same with jump jockeys, we had John francombe, Scudamore, Jon jo, Richard Dunwoody all well known names as were with Frankie, Carson, Piggot, Eddery, Cauthaun etc. from the flat.
Just shows how land based TV really did reach their audience back then!